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Nothing ever happens on Mars...

I just got back from Open Mic Night. ^____^ I Emceed tonight! Yay! Anya and I are the heckler Emcees! We are bitchy! A nice, elderly gentleman came up to me afterward and said "You're all so delightful!" I was thinking... "No, we're not..."

Anyway, I did "Jack's Lament" from The Nightmare Before Christmas to start off the entire show (it being the Halloween show and all... it just made sense). And then I alternated with Anya and Ahmed announcing the following acts. Then second half I sang "Why I Don't Believe in God". That's the first serious song I've ever done for Open Mic Night. I've never done something so painfully emotional and close to me before. It scared me a little.

And, on top of all that, I was still dressed like Zoot... -___-;; On the plus side, I'll probably get a picture of myself from either Miss Atkins or Emily M-. So we'll compare and contrast my costume to the real Zoot! Well, it pleases me.

And Black and White (Ahmed and Evan) did a song called "I Eat Cats! (MmmMmmMmm)" Based on our local frat guys.

Fun night, as usual.

And I just wanted to put down my full treatment for an X-Men comic I dreamed up. More like my version of a music video, really. Anything punctuated by a "-" is a song lyric. By Everclear and Art Alexakis, as it usually is. Commentary is quite acceptable, if you are interested.

The Swing (treatment for X-men comic)

Page one
-never said i was innocent

Panel one: View over Lance’s left shoulder; angry Pietro yelling, arms straight, palms forward.

-i will burn in hell for the things i've done to you

Panel two: View of Lance torso, apologetic, arms lifted, palms up.

-never said i was anything good

Panel three: wide panel, similar to first panel. View is back over Lance’s left shoulder. Pietro is moving to his right, left hand pressed down, fingers splayed. Right hand is clutched in a fist at his chest. His eyes are squeezed shut. Lance watches him go, hand stretched to try to catch him.

-i should die from the shame from what i put you through

Panel four- Lance profile facing left, watching Pietro go.

Panel five- Lance profile still facing left, lets head fall into right hand.

Page two
-let me be the one to bring us back from the dead

Panel one- Kurt and Scott face off. Kurt is on reader’s right, Scott to the left. Scott points with his left hand to Kurt’s chest; Kurt looks surprised/hurt.

-i will take the blame for everything

Panel two: small panel, Kurt profile left, mouth open, apparently saying something nasty.

-you know i just wanna help you forget

Panel three: Entire bottom of page, no border. Kurt walking toward reader, left hand dismissing Scott. Eyes squeezed shut, lips pulled back to bare fangs just slightly. Scott is watching him go, irritated with arms crossed.

Page three
-we are still living on broken glass

Panel one: Lance torso, still left profile, hugging his arms. His face is turn toward the reader, except he is apparently fascinated with something just below reader’s view.

-we are still numb because it just keeps happening

Panel two: Pietro torso, profile right (panels side-by-side to create illusion of a stand-off or back-to-back situation). Arms are upstretched as if he’d just run both hands through his hair. Hands linger toward the bottom of his head, nape of neck area. Expression is weary.

-all your friends, they can kiss my ass

Panel three: Scott torso, left profile, looking slightly pissed with his hands on his hips.

-they only see the simple things that they want to see

Panel four: Again, side-by-side with panel three. Kurt torso, right profile. Hands are at his mouth/cheek area as if he’s about to cry.

Page four
-let me be the one to make the pain go away

Panel one: Single stretched panel, Kurt torso. He is walking, background is trees with leaves on them, sidewalk, road, outdoorsy, etc. Hugging his body possessively as he walks and at this point he is crying. He is wearing a jacket.

-shave my skin and show a brand new face

Panel two: Pietro leaning against a wall. He is holding his head in his hands; face and expression are not visible.

-you know i just wanna know that you're ok

Panel three: Kurt walking, looking into the distance beyond reader’s view. Apparently something interesting.

-you don't have to like it but the swing is in my hands now

Panel four: Close-up of Kurt’s face. Expression is somewhat shocked, somewhat sad.

Panel five: View of scenery. It’s is a playground he’s stumbled across. Special close-up on… duhduhduhduh… a swing… ^^

Page five
-sometimes i think the power is better than a hard drug

Panel one: Pietro has slid to a sitting position against the wall. His head is buried in his arms, which are resting on top of his knees. Perspective is somewhat tilted, shadows are deep blacks.

-sometimes i think the power is better than anything

Panel two: Extreme close-up as Pietro lifts his head enough for us to see his eye.

Panel three: Action of Pietro’s hand as he reaches out and grips the edge of the wall. (Speed lines, here we come!)

-sometimes i think letting go is just like giving up

Panel four: Entire bottom of page, Pietro is running now (which of course means more speed lines!). He is running to the reader’s left and his left arm is forward, fist tight. Eyes are squeezed shut; he’s crying too. Poor babies…

Page six
-sometimes all i think i wanna do is die inside

Panel one: A dark sweater (Pietro’s) tossed carelessly onto the bed.

Panel two: Lance, left profile, holding the sweater and… sniffing it (yes, I understand how stupid it sounds. It’ll look better).

-all i wanna do is die inside

Panel three: One of Kurt’s notebooks on a desk.

Panel four: Scott’s hand on the book (small panel).

Panel five: Scott, full forward torso pose, flipping through the notebook.

-all i ever think about is you and me falling apart

Panel six: Entire bottom of page, close-up of leaf falling.

Page seven
-never said i was innocent

Panel one: Stretch panel top of page. Pietro, full front torso and hips. He’s still running, but slowing down. Head dipped as if he doesn’t want us to see him cry. Same road Kurt had been walking down earlier.

-i will burn in hell for the things i've done to you

Panel two: Pietro stops, wiping hand across forehead.

Panel three: He looks to our right, staring at something interesting. Sparkly sunlight effect.

-never said i was anything good

Panel four: Stretch bottom. We see what he was staring at: Kurt is sitting on the swing-set. He’s all bundled up in his coat, melancholy, and staring off to the reader’s down left. More sparkles and fall sunlight effects.

Page eight
-let me be the one to make the pain go away

Panel one: Thin panel, Pietro’s back. We are looking over his right shoulder to get another view of Kurt.

-shave my skin and show a brand new face

Panel two: Kurt looks up and sees Pietro. Kurt’s face, a little surprised.

Panel three: Pietro’s face, about the same expression.

-you know i just wanna know that you're ok

Panel four: Footstep.

Panel five: Still behind Pietro’s back. He has turned to follow the noise. Kurt has lifted his head and both are staring in the same direction.

Page nine
-let me be the one to bring us back from the dead

Panel one: Front view of Scott. He looks a little sheepish. His shoulders are lifted in a humble shrug and his hands are just slightly stretched toward Kurt.

Panel two: Another footstep.

-i will take the blame for everything

Panel three: Lance has also walked up. He stands with his hands shoved deep in his pockets looking a wee bit embarrassed.

Panel four: Wider shot of Lance and Scott so you can see they’re standing side-by-side. Torsos only.

-i just wanna help you forget

Divider line and then thin panel five: Lance and Scott’s hips continued.

Page ten
-sometimes i think

Panel one: The abandoned swings. Stretch.

-letting go is just like giving up

Panel two: Scott and Kurt hug. Stretch. Torsos, no heads.

-sometimes all i think about is falling apart

Panel three: Lance with his arm around Pietro’s shoulders as they walk away. Back view.

Concluding thin panel: Leaf falling.


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