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X-Men musings... again...

Scott... you're too damn nice.

Scott and Kurt are so touchy-feely with each other. ^___^

Fred is cool. And he's got his priorities sort-of straight. Tear up that picture! Jean shouldn't have a picture of her and Scott! Just... um... please don't step on Scott, Fred. #^__^#

Oh Fred. Why do you like Jean? She's just so... bland. >.< But, um... don't kill her either...

Kurt's all cute and stuff when he's BAMFing around. But to quote Wolverine "Watch where you 'port, kid."

Hmmm... Kurt doesn't seem too concerned to have interrupted Rogue and Scott's "tender moment". Nor does he seem to care much that Jean's been nabbed. Hmm, hmm, hmm... *thinks slashy thoughts*

Can't Jean use her telekinetic powers to... oh... yeah, I guess she can. Well. why didn't she escape earlier? Hmmm... stupid Jean. And why does she have to move her arms while moving stuff around with her mind? Isn't the whole point of having telekinetic powers not to use your hands?

I guess it's just drawn in for effect.

Well... lalala... Scott get offa Jean... ^____^;;

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