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It's raining...

Hoofa, it's cold. For mid-August, it's fucking freezing here. Mmmm...I like being able to wrap up and be warm...but this is somewhat ridiculous.
Um, last night was an interesting night. Yeah...last night of the play. The show went very well and all. No major problems. People laughed. All was good. Beth (the director) is thinking about resurrecting the show and maybe touring to other community theatres with it. It's a good show. This is also good news for Ani and me because she may also switch around some of the parts. We kinda got stuck with the loser's parts, although I'm beginning to like Mrs. Trotsky more and more every time we do it.
And after the play, there was a little party at Bill's (and Missy's? And various other people all living together) apartment. Ani and I both went. Suffice to say, there was a lot of alcohol at this party. Ani ended up having three beers and I had two strawberry daquiris, as well as both of us sampling various hard liquors other people were drinking. I had some vodka, I think...and some wine? But not a lot. And the strawberry daquiris were pretty weak, so by the time Ani and I left I was only slightly more giggly than usual. Ani was a little worse off, a little more goofy. She was really worried about her mother finding out- her mom's just as bad as mine is in the crazy department- but I really doubt that was a problem. I guess I'll find out later today when I go down to the bead shop.
The real highlight of my evening was actually the half-hour or so I spent talking to Ryan. Pathetic, eh? We didn't really talk about much of anything...just talked. Stupid stuff. He wasn't drinking (too tired) so it was just...pleasant. I dunno...more later, perhaps.


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