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Le sigh....

I got out of my English class today. ^___^ Which means I get to sit in the art room for TWO WHOLE PERIODS! Ahh! And I bought lunch today ('cause Amy went on the leadership retreat... I am not much of a leader, therefore I did not go). Turkey club sandwich, which of cousre means it had bacon in it... urg. >.< No... no bacon. But it was the only thing that wasn't completely pig products, so I bought it. And the lunch lady gave me a free oatmeal cookie. I'm not sure why.

Maybe she's trying to poison us.

Gahhh! Paranoid! ^^;;

I have X-men to draw, dammit! I spent first period doing the same. Maybe I'll have the first page done tonight. Am already thinking about changing that first panel, though.

Me: Background... it needs background. Not just "innocence is illusionary" typed a thousand times.

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