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YES! *punches air*

Today is episode with Pietro!

Actually... Evan's not so bad. ^^;; Pietro's voice is annoying... but then so is Lance's. I guess it's ok. *giggles* Storm's so pretty!

Pietro has no mouth! Ahhh! ^^ *snickers* "This certainly explains why you always come home with holes in your clothes."

Oh, Jean. You sarcastic, non-intelligent bitch.

Scott: "We really need to work on our sales pitch" No duh. Everone runs from you. *snorts*

Ok, wait... maybe Pietro's voice isn't that annoying. It's actually kinda cute. ^^

I bet this is really boring, huh? Ooh... "Monsters Inc". I wanna go see that this weekend. I think it's playing... hmm, lala.

Ok... Logan is just cool. Hehe... he's so street smart. Just plain cool.

All right! Whew! ^___^ Now the comic looks much beter with that background. Not so busy... I'm just ba-lab-aling right now.

Pietro has an earring in his left ear. And, yeah, he's somewhat fruitilicious. ^___^ Love that boy.

"Hey, Daddy! Get me out of jail!"

"Come with me... to the dark side!"

Half-nekkid Kurt and Scott! I'll stop now... ^^;;

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