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Ok, so...

The fact that I have a solid 'A' in physics makes me so proud. ^^ Y'know, I swear to god that I missed every single problem on the last test...and he gave me a 94%! O.o Wuzzah?

Ok, so I don't know how I got the A, but it's there and I'm happy. Still, I'm frankly a bit pissed off about that test. I swear... I swear I figured out how to do it.

But no. I must still be missing something.

I also have a 100% in Pre-Calc. That man must be the god of extra credit. *shakes head* It's funny. I'm in all the dumb accelerated classes. *shifty eyes* Oxymoron! Yay!

My psychiatrist (aka 'Man Who Makes Me Wait For An Hour And Miss X-Men... but then gives me pills') asked if I was going to be valedictorian or something.

Me: *snort*

Psych: Is that a 'no'?

I'm currently sixteenth in my class, but that's without my credits and stuff added in. And there are fifteen kids who have a 4.0; I have a 3.9 something.

So... sixteen out of 300+ ain't bad. It'll probably go up by next year. My goal is just to be in the top ten.

Me: I wanna be number six!

Dad: I think I was... third... in my class.

Me: ... You make me feel so inadequate.

Dad: I could have been valedictorian if I'd studied my sophomore year.

Me: -_____-;;;

Sometimes having smart parents gets tiring.


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