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Ok...this summer is getting way out of hand >.< I'm adding like a trillion fandoms onto my already busy schedule. Ridiculous fandom of the moment? Final Fantasy VIII and Squall Leonhart.
Pardon me, but...what the fuck???? I can't like Final Fantasy because I've never played the stupid game. But my rational mind is outweighed by my inspirations of the moment...which are currently geared toward: Squaaaaaall...*drool*
Bah. Hot damn does this suck. And do you want to know whom I've got him paired up with? No, not Zell, for which there is an abundance of fanworks on the net. No, not Seifer...for which there is even more of an abundance of fanworks. No, no, no.
Laguna. Yes, Final Fantasy fans...you heard me right. Laguna. Laguna, who is apparently supposed the be Squall's long-lost father.
Ooh...needless to say, the fan art and fan fiction for these two is incredibly scarce. In fact, most of what I've found is coming from BlackRose who is the one responsible for getting me hooked on the pair in the first place. Oh, how pleasant. I'm beginning to resent this affinity I have for the rare pairings. When I was introduced to Gundam Wing nearly a year ago, the Heero and Trowa pairing was virtually unthinkable. Actually, now I can see that that untapped underbelly of the fandom has risen slightly to the surface and is beginning to get recognition from those who previously only thought in a 1x2/3x4 world. Trigun is still an uncommon enough series that yaoi from it is staying primarily within the mailing list *sighs* It is very hard to find a good Trigun yaoi site in English (there are some nice ones in Japanese...but the most I can do is look at the pretty fanart). And then...Harry Potter? No one ever thinks of putting James with Remus (even for just one night? It'd be so nice...). In fact, many Harry Potter fans seem to reject the yaoi/slash aspect vehemently. And now...Squall and Laguna. Oh dear. This is becoming difficult.
Rest assured, that there are many series out there where yaoi is about as common as...um...something really, really uncommon. I'm sure I'll discover it soon *rolls eyes* You can count on it.
And...er...what is with this 'We Hate Squall' campain? I thought people liked the dark, brooding, bastard-ish characters? Where was I misinformed? *eyes fill with tears as she visits another Anti-Squall site and calmly clicks the 'back' button on her browser* I shall weep, but I can always leave.
This was me trying to be good and set a good example for any and all potential flamers.
There should be more Squall sites. More really, really good Squall sites. It seems like there are about fifty thousand Rinoa sites. O.o;; What is up with that? It frightens me slightly, although I have no real reason to dislike her (after all, how should I know what the character's personality is if I've never played the stupid game?). Yet, that may come...someday.
Mr. Genie? I would now like a hail of Trigun AND Final Fantasy VIII yaoi doujinshi. Thank you.

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