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I don't know why this was bothering me...

But it was...

Again, not a real post. Exactly.

~~~(The Gay Bar Song)~~~

Wasn't that you
Walking down Pico boulevard
Yeah, wasn't that you
Looking cool, baby, walking hard
Wasn't that you fallin' drunk out of that black girls car
Yeah, wasn't that you?
Baby, wasn't that you?
Baby wasn't that you last night at the gay bar

You had a dazed look on your face and a big girl on your arm
You've been running around, girl
You've been acting strange
Since we hit this west coast town in March of last year
I don't even know what we're doing here
I tried so hard to see what burns inside your heart
Your burning heart
Baby wasn't that you last night at the gay bar
Well we came form Texas with one single plan
You was gonna model and act
I was gonna play in a rock and roll band
We didn't talk breaks or chance
We was going to make it real with our own hands
All you want to do is dance around and fall like an idiot star
Tell me, is it true that heroin illuminates the dark?
Wasn't that you last night at the gay bar

Get your things and don't you dare come back
I'm going to leave this fucked up place
I don't want to see your fucked up face
I don't want to drag this mess around
Hold you back or drag you down
I'm going to close my eyes and turn around
And walk out hard
Because I can't deal with what I think you are
Wasn't that you last night at the gay bar

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