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It was amusing at the time...

DScull264: I just burned a whole cd full of rare Everclear and Colorfinger songs for Amy. Swear to god she hugged that cd... ^^;;
DScull264: Today, Stephanie was a god... tomorrow? Who knows...
ZerosAshes: lol!
DScull264: If Stephanie messes up the lights, then she will be demoted to demi-god.
DScull264: If she insults Amy over the headset, she will be reduced to the status of stage crew and beaten severely.
ZerosAshes: LOL!
ZerosAshes: O.o
ZerosAshes: hey, no beatings ^^
DScull264: Nah, I usually whip out something I can hit her back with and we come to a stand-off.
DScull264: Last time it was an umbrella!

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