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"How far is too far...?"

"How far is all the way?" ^____^ I really want the cd for "Black Patent Leather..." I'm only the lighting person and it's addicting! >.< Whaaaaa...

So... an update on the 'plagarism' saga... *rolls eyes upward to heaven* I swear, I swear, I swear I didn't plan this. Like I'm some fucking criminal mastermind...

Chick's response to my earlier bitchy response:

"While the plot-stealing-fairy likes slash, shoving an observation up his ass would be rather masochistic, don't you think? :) *shakes head sadly* and, I never said you 'copied' Coming to Terms, I believe the use of the term 'plot-stealing-fairy' would indicate *stealing* was involved. I know sometimes those blatant details are really easy to miss :) You might have also somehow missed the very first line in my review that said you write well, even if you didn't 'make any pretenses about being a good writer or an original writer'. However, as for the 'original' part, even if 'drug-use dramas ain't particularly original ideas' and you don't make pretenses about being original, you shouldn't be 'accidentally' having a plot that's almost an exact duplicate to a fic written before yours. Because...*gasp* that's called, can you guess? That's right! Stealing! And aside from making other authors feel bad (who actually worked to come up with an original plot, and make pretenses to do so *cough* lyo *cough*), it can also get you kicked off of ff.net. Funny how that works, isn't it? :) Silly anti-plagerism rules! I'm sorry if this response seems a bit brutal, my original intent was just to point out constructively that your plot seemed awfully (exactly) like Coming to Terms, but the hositility in _your_ response was so blunt that I couldn't help defending our poor plot-stealing-fairy and his delicate ass, he's fragile that way. :) Oh, and sorry about the use of '@ss' in my last review, I thought ff.net was still censoring the reviews. My bad!"

And my response. If this will be war, then so be it:

"Steal. Verb meaning 'to take from another without right, authority, or permission, and usually in a secret manner'. Quite frankly, every single person who writes fanfiction is stealing. You are stealing someone else's copyrighted characters and settings; that can get you *arrested*. *Sued*. Brought up in front of a judge. Not kicked off some silly web site. That's the real world. Not that I claim any immunity there; I'm just as liable as anyone else. But you can't really copyright fanfiction, can you? Not legally. *gasp* Those silly anti-plagarism rules! I think the real authors who get paid money for their stories would be very angry about that. So... here's the deal. I am already violating a few laws by borrowing characters and snatching song lyrics. And I'd be setting out to maliciously 'steal' some other fanfiction author's ideas... why? Does this *not* make any sense to anyone else? Besides that, there are no original ideas. No, seriously. Can you make up one of your own? I'll give you a second. Hell, I'll give you as long as you think you need. You will not find it. Period. Millions of people came before you and found all the ideas. What we do now is build off of them, slowly and completely willingly. We add to them, subtract from them, and make them our own. In writing, in art, in science... you couldn't build a good artificial leg without knowing about joints and sockets, could you? Someone had to discover gravity and the laws and principles that govern our physical universe (*ahem* Sir Issac Newton) for us to be able to do things like go to the moon, build machinery, etc, etc. So... I'm getting off track. I will admit, however, that I told a little lie. I did actually read the first chapter and a half of Lyo's fic... and promptly forgot about it. I didn't even recognize the name, and only realized it when I went to see what it was you were talking about exactly. And I remembered... "Ah! I read this and got bored!" Which is not a dig against Lyo. I'm sure many people find my stories boring as all get out. Plus, I was probably thinking about something else at the time and my mind was not focused. In any case, I have no clue how that story ended. I barely know how it started out. And I don't intend to find out until I finish my own story. Which I'm not changing, other then minor adds and drops and the usual editing. I will take down the story if Lyo has a specific problem with it (because I'm not the evil beast-oger you may try to make me out to be), but I'll be damned if I stop writing it. Oh, and by the way... Condescend. Verb meaning to patronize or to consciously lower oneself as if speaking or reacting to an inferior. Not nice..."

Yeah. I hate people who put on the false-sweetness act when they're insulting you. Which is why I don't do that (at least, I hope I don't). And please, for the love of everything holy, stop with the smileys! >.< It's just irritating.

And on a related topic, I tried to go back and remember everything I could about the other girl's story. And this is it. Period.

A) She was doing a lot of justifying the homosexuality. Pietro was working at a Gay and Lesbian center... place... thing. Ok. He had some sort of spat with Evan about it when they were younger.
B) He had a friend who was a lesbian named "Blue". Maybe.
C) He was injecting... stuff... at her house. Then he passed out somewhere on the street and was found...

Hey! Did you know that a slang term for heroin is "Dead on Arrival"? *quickly ferrets that away for later use* Mine now, dammit...

Oooh! And 'dime's worth' means the amount of heroin that causes death.

Drugs that are/can be injected: heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and a few perscription drugs. In the part of the story that I read, she hadn't yet revealed what the drug was (of curse it's heroin. Heroin is very 'chic').

How mine differs:

A) It's all from Lance's POV, especially that first chapter.
B) I'm absolutely, positively not working to justify the homosexuality. Another time, another story.
C) I'm not switching around a lot and I'm not involving a lot of other characters. Todd'll make a cameo and there'll be one other person that becomes important.
D) Mine makes Pietro out to be reeeaaaally bitchy. ^^;; Well, it's the truth. And it's for anumber of good reasons.
E) He's not dying of an overdose. No, no, no... actually, I dunno whether that's different. Remember? I didn't read the story. He's still not ODing.

Hmmm... I could probably list more. But I'll spare everyone and keep them to myself. *bitches and moans in her head*

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