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An ezboard post to some yaoi-bashers

I was proud of this. Don't ask why.

"Ok. I don't frequent this board (or anything having to do with ezboard, frankly) but I really wanted to put my two cents in here. I mean...I *really* wanted to. I was having a burning, itching desire to say something after each and every post.

I got here doing a search for 'Laguna and Squall fiction'. That's how I got here. I did not come here on purpose. I saw the result and thought 'My God, what could they be talking about?'. Still, I guess I'm here on my own accord...and hold myself completely responsible for what I say. (By the way...do *not*, under any circumstances, bring up what the context of my search implies. I am fully aware of the stigma against yaoi of this coupling and for what reasons. Do not flame, scold, or lecture me. Your comments will fall onto deaf ears and you will have wasted your time).

Now, for what I really want to say. I am...disheartened...by the attitudes of many people today. Yes, yes...I know many of you wrote about how you're not homophobic and how it was the sex that really made you sick to your stomachs. Good lord...someday you'll hopefully have sex too...and if at that time you think it's still icky, then you have a lot of growing up to do.

Sexuality is part of human nature. And maybe it's a part of human nature that our culture loves to hide, or make fun of, or take offense at. But without our natural predilection to sex, the human race would be much, much smaller. Sex isn't something we should laugh at. I take stories about sex (lemons...) as seriously as I do stories about many other things. Because sex is something people do, and you can't just run from it. There are times when a straightforward 'Plot? What Plot?' (also affectionately known as 'Porn Without Plot') will do to satisfy my fan fiction cravings. And then there are other times when I'm craving a sweet, saccharine love story. And then there are times when I want a *real* story...one with a plot, suspense, action, romance, sex, and even some reality all rolled in to a great lump of fanwork. Those stories are truly beautiful things and are quite rare to boot. Sometimes I come across two or three in one day...or I might go for weeks without discovering one.

But...alas...going off track. I cannot stand this cultural ambivilance people have toward gays, and anything remotely sympathetic to gays. It's politically correct to be accepting of the gay lifestyle these days, and therefore announcing that one is nervous in anyway about homosexuality is akin to wandering straight (aha...not a pun) into the lion's den. I had a conversation with someone once who called an aquaintance of mine 'faggot'...and certainly not in a nice way. When I drew his attention to this he said, "I don't mind gay people unless they start hitting on me."

Aha...and I don't mind straight people until they start hitting on me. It's a two-way street, please understand. Straights may stereotypically view gays as 'sexual deviants, bad influences, leaders of alternative lifestyles', etc, etc. But gays may also stereotypically view heterosexuals as 'close-minded, bigots, enemies', etc, etc. Mmmhmmm...the feelings of discomfort go both ways, trust me.

Ah...and why is it ok to use the word 'gay' to mean something is bad or boring? Look...I know a lot of people like to think it's just a word, but to many it is also a lifestyle. Having a lifestyle someone chooses to accept being synonomous with 'bad' or 'stupid' is, in my oh-so-humble opinion, crass and insensitive.

That's it...everything I dislike is now 'hetero'.

Look *sighs* I know it may not entirely sound like it, but I'm not trying to put down anyone else's opinions. I'm not trying to say everyone should like and accept yaoi or yuri. I'm not saying yaoi is better. I guess I'm trying to really get the point across that there are strong feelings going both ways. I want to point out that, while I can find a million reasons why Heero should never, ever, ever be with Relena...I can also find just as many for why Heero should never, ever, ever be with Duo. They're animated series (or games) and all fans should be entitled to enjoy them in the same ways as they would like to.

I also think I just want to point out that hearing the phrase 'such-and-such pairing is gross/disgusting/icky/whatever' can be extremely offensive to particular fans. You are treading on thin ice when you choose to voice that particular opinion...and don't always assume you are in safe territory, even if it seems like it. The boy that said not-so-nice things about my particular aquaintance did not expect us to be so unhappy with him...especially when we prompted him to leave the store, followed by taunts and jeers. I'm sorry, but he was not welcome. Because when you choose to express certain opinions (and you certainly have the *right* to express them) you cannot always be sure of the thoughts and feelings of your listeners.

Just a warning, I suppose. And now, some fun facts!!!

- The term 'slash' is used to refer to any homosexual pairing, male/male and female/female. It is primarily used in reference to English-speaking genres, like 'Star Wars', 'Star Trek', or 'The X Files'.

- Most male/male slash (or yaoi) is written or drawn by females. You will find the occasional male within the fandom, but they are rare. Many of them are gay, and proud of it. Kinda says a lot about what a woman wants, huh? There are a lot of theories as to why this is exactly...but I think the real reasons are almost too complex to put into words.

- The series 'Gundam Wing' was created with the possibilities for yaoi specifically in mind. A shrewed marketing plot developed by some extremely aware producers, Gundam Wing was designed to appeal to both boys (Giant robots, explosions, war. etc) and girls (Very pretty, young boys and the possibility of yaoi-type relationships within the series- as well as several strong-type female roles).

That's all. I apologize for the long post and any hurt feelings."

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