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I still haven't figured out...

I get reviews like these for the Vash/Wolfwood lemon:

"YEAH BABY!!!! What can I say, but that this is one of the best Wolfwood/Vash yaoi's I've ever read! Excellently written, stayed close to the character's personality, all while introducing a new element into the mix. Excellently written, and the sexual tension drove me wild. Good job!"

"Perfect choice of song and very VERY well writen. You showed the characters perfectly. And of course, lemony goodness galore. ;) Keep it up!"

"My God... This has so become my favorite lemon of all time... my god... and it's all so in character... wow... But do me a favor, please... Call Vash Tongari from now on and I'll be your best friend ever!!! Tongari!!! and write more lemons, just for me! I'll be you devoted cult follower.. did I mention wow?"

And yet I wrote the damn thing before ever seeing an episode of Trigun.

It boggles the mind. ^______^;;;

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