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"Survival of the Fittest"! Brotherhood! Cute Kurt!

Pietro! Lance! Pretty Mystique! Scott and Lance all wet!

*snickers* Mt. Humiliation? Gods... *cracks up* Oh my god! Jean! She's so cute! "Blah, blah, blah..." *Scott reaches out and grabs her* "Come on, Jean..."

Nah... I don't hate Jean anymore. She's too cute, especially if you pair her with Kitty. ^____^

Is it just me, or do today's commercials have a real penchant for midgets?

Dude, the X mansion gets destroyed on a pretty regular basis... yet manages to look the same week after week. Hmmm... *loves Xavier's scared face*

Oh my god. I have the most bizarre cat. This morning he grabbed a loaf of bread in a bag and dragged all around the house. Upstairs, downstairs. Quite a feat, considering the bread was bigger than he was...

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