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Oh my god...

Amy found this wonderful Everclear site. This wonderful site has pictures. Pictures from some of the concerts we were at.

Pictures of Art and the guys with us in the background.

AHHHHHHHH! ^__________________^

This is the one with me in. Look to the right of Art and the chick. Ok... see the very vague red coat with a face on top? That's meeeee! And that fluorescent blue blob in from of me is my friend Lauren's side. ^^;;

And This is a picture of Craig and a fan. In the background, to the extreme right, is half of Amy's face and torso. See the blonde hair? Yes, indeedy! And the little head between Craig and the dude is Lauren again. But this time her face! ^_^ I'm not in this picture. Amy wants to send in a few of our own pictures to this site... Well, her pictures, I should say.

Still.... eeeeek!

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