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"She's just the flavor of the weak..."

So...heh...lots of goofy shit happening around here lately. I just got my temporary permit. As in *checks clock* less than two hours ago I got it. I am allowed to start learning how to drive now. I actually went into the DMV and they gave me a permit. *shrugs* I really thought they'd be more selective. I mean, I had to take a fifty-question test, but it was pretty easy. And I passed...so...whatever. >.< Who in the fuck cares that the heighth of all tire treads in Ohio have to be 1/16-th of an inch? Screw it. I guessed and got it right. Some of the questions were just so moronic. Yeah, when merging onto a highway I should give auditory warning that I'm merging. *rolls eyes* Uh-huh. Beep beep, ya weirdos.
I'm not an idiot, I swear. I look kinda dopey on the license, though. The light they had was really bright and I'm very washed out. My hair looks more brown than red and I don't really look like I'm smiling (I am though. I told my dad I didn't want to look like my puppy just died, the way he does).
Oh...crap. Um...oh shit. Fuck. *giggles uncontrollably* Motherfucker...oh damn, damn, damn. I really need to check these things over more carefully.
I am male, now. At least according to the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles. How convenient. Like I can actually pass for a male.
"You are so alert." Yes, thank you father. Sigh...well, maybe when I get my license they'll correct that.
And I so totally look male, what with my long, curly, completely in my face hair, rather large lips, and more or less prominent breasts. *looks down* Yeah, so I dress like a boy. Doesn't mean I am one. *holds up her foot* These are *girl's* sneakers, y'know.
Um...in other, less embarrassing news, I went and saw American Hi-Fi on Wednesday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They were playing with Tantric and some band called 'Buddha Brains'. Buddha Brains was the opener and boy did they suck. To put it mildly. We had them divided up by decade: the lead singer, with his long, frizzy hair and big old cat-in-the-hat headgear was the seventies, the saxaphone player (and complete dork) was eighties, the first bass player was a grungy ninties, and the second bass player (who was young, short-haired, puka-bead necklaced, and turtlenecked) was 2000. They did not look like they belonged in the same band together.
The lead singer actually managed to garnish some hoots of respect when he remarked 'Fuck the New York Yankees'. But then he followed it up with 'And fuck the Cleveland Indians too'. >.< Stupid prat. You don't say that to a group of people from Cleveland, especially when you're *in* Cleveland. Oy.
So, anyway...they blew. It wqas their first gig, apparently, and they were actually roadies for Tantric. Note to any and all touring bands: do not let your roadies get together and open for you.
And then, after they were through being idiots, American Hi-Fi came on and totally stormed the crowd. I really think more people came to see American Hi-Fi, even if Tantric was supposed to be the headliner. I know we did. And in the newspaper ads, American Hi-Fi was listed before Tantric. Which gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling.
They were loud, they were fun, and they were cute. I argued quite vehemently in favor of the lead singer, who is thin and pretty in that slightly boyish way (he's male, maybe that's why) with just slightly longer than average blond hair. He actually reminds me a little of a blonder, more cheerful Squall. Mmmm...but Amy and Lauren were both being bitchy and said that he wasn't that cute. >.< Nuh-uh! That boy's very pretty. The one Amy thinks is a hottie is cute, certainly...but a little strange looking. I dunno. He's got a funny nose. She said something to the effect of 'Well, at least American Hi-Fi has a hottie in it' and when I corrected her by saying two she gave me a funny look and said 'Ok, one and a half'.
We're so shallow, aren't we?
But by the end of their set, when he waved to her, she didn't think he was all that bad. Stupid Amy...sometimes I think she needs a smack upside the head. Just because she's cute doesn't mean she should get to make all the decisions like that. I love her and all (sometimes a little too much) but she's developed a major attitude about certain things >.<
Anyway...the end of American Hi-Fi turned into a mosh pit. That was great fun. I like moshing when you're so closely packed that you're really fighting for your spot and getting awfully close to perfect strangers. It's got a certain thril to it. Amy stayed in it longer, feeling obligated to prove how tough she is, but Lauren and I only stayed out for awhile, until we were pushed away from the melee. Lauren caught one of the picks when it was thrown from the stage and hit her in the chest. Amy had her hand on one of the drumsticks...and probably would have gotten it, had she held on, because she would have been competing with two guys who probably would have looked at her and said 'Hey, just give it to the chick'. I got to hit a pre-band beach ball that was going around. All in all very fun.
We left after American Hi-Fi was done, though. We weren't eager to see Tantric and it was late anyway.
Oh...and by the way... *sly smile* The concert's going to be airing on MTV! Isn't that neat? There probably won't be much footage going on the air, but it's still cool. And it was such a small crowd (the Rock Hall's concert area can only hold so many people) that they're probably going to have to show a lot of the people in the audience to make it look bigger. ^______^ I might get on MTV! But, if I do, I'll probably be right behind Amy, who was bouncing in my face nearly the entire show. I had to keep holding on to her back to keep her from crashing into me. Lauren found it very amusing and, for once, Amy didn't care that I was touching her. She's gotten weirder and weirder about that over the past six months. Hmph. She's probably overly paranoid that I'm going to grope or molest her in some way >.< Amy, you made it perfectly clear that that is a BAD THING and I respect your wishes...so just cool it, please.
Anyway...that's about it. It was fun. And I have new shoes! They are blue and orange, which are complimentary colors. Nifty, eh? They're also Sketchers, which are a brand name...and which I don't normally buy...but they were suitably ugly for me and they match absolutely nothing I own...so it's ok. ^^ I'm just goofy that way.

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