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So... wow...

I'm not sure whether my life is just pathetic or what. I have nothing depressing to say, nothing profound. My biggest crisis at the moment (so far... the day is young) is that I left my art box at home, with all my pencils and pens and stuff. So I didn't have anything to write with this morning. More importantly, I don't have anything to draw with! Whaaa!

Yesterday I actually left the house (horror of horrors!) and went down to the mall-type area with my dad. He was looking for a book or something... I just tagged along. But I found a Cheap Trick concert dvd in Best Buy that had me whimpering with indecision. On the one hand... I don't care about Cheap Trick. On the other hand... Art played with them at that concert! It even says so on the back! "With (long list of names) and Art Alexakis."

*whines* But I restrained myself from asking for it.

But then...

I saw the Trigun boxed dvd set. *eyes get really big* Ooooooo-ooooh. I wandered around clutching it for awhile until dad found me. I told him "If you really want to know what I want for Christmas..."

And yet... it's $150. Which is a bit much. And I already have one of the dvds, which I'd probably try to sell off if I got the box set.

My dad: "So... what is this 'Trigun' about?"

Me: "Well, y'see... it's like this sci-fi, western, comedy, drama starring a six-foot tall gunman in a red trenchcoat with blonde, spiky hair..."

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