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IM with Amy

DScull264: Hi?
DScull264: Oh my god...
DScull264: You...
michgirlfriend1: yeah its me it got through i finally got through
michgirlfriend1: where is my buddy icon?????????????????????
DScull264: I dunno...
michgirlfriend1: shit nothing fucking works for me
DScull264: Oh well
michgirlfriend1: i try so hard and fall flat on my face gracefully
DScull264: I can hear it beep at you house...
michgirlfriend1: so can i
michgirlfriend1: that makes me happy
DScull264: Lala...
michgirlfriend1: well, i guess you're on, i can hear the swing
DScull264: Indeed...
michgirlfriend1: awesome song
DScull264: Yupp
michgirlfriend1: you want to hear something funny, cat girl from case wrote a review on everamericana
DScull264: Oh, the kitty cat ears?
michgirlfriend1: yeah
DScull264: Heh... I go check!
michgirlfriend1: she said write if you are a fan who remembers her
DScull264: Ooh... maybe I'll do that...
DScull264: She probablly won't remember me, though... maybe you.
michgirlfriend1: so i did, i'm the one who you caught you're bracelot in
michgirlfriend1: we'll see if she remebers that
michgirlfriend1: i aso added about being the first up and my sign.
DScull264: Bracelot? What the...? Amy... type sense!
michgirlfriend1: bracelet, i'm even stupid online
michgirlfriend1: some things will never change.......
DScull264: Ah, well...
DScull264: It usually gets the point across.
DScull264: So... my poetry class thinks I'm a pervert...
michgirlfriend1: anyhow, i wish it it was a cooler fan who wrote, like maybe the girl who i can't figure out the first name to!!!!!!!!!Augh, that letter came back again, damn terrorist
DScull264: It came back again? Even with a name?
michgirlfriend1: now, new subject, so what about being a pervert
DScull264: Oh... well, I am one apparently.
DScull264: A pervert.
michgirlfriend1: ok not new subject, hold up
DScull264: LaReasa will probably be delighted to tell you all about it.
michgirlfriend1: letter, yes without a name i hate terrorists they fuck everything up for everyone, hey new song name
michgirlfriend1: now new subject
DScull264: Now new subject...
michgirlfriend1: LaReasa probably will forget, she's to wrapped up in who does drugs
DScull264: Drugs?
michgirlfriend1: hey, your buddy symbol came up
DScull264: Yay!
DScull264: They play gui-tar!
michgirlfriend1: yeah, she found out Caitlin tried drugs and she was asking everyone who has
DScull264: Caitlin? What drugs? Ibuprofen?
michgirlfriend1: she was crying when she found out Caitlin, Elizabeth, Rachel M. , Amritta and me have all tried them.
DScull264: Wait, what drugs?
michgirlfriend1: its like, settle down girl, take a chill pill, like the pun
DScull264: Hello?
DScull264: Am I invisible, even on IM?
michgirlfriend1: oh, i tried some weed once, no big deal
DScull264: When did you do weed?
michgirlfriend1: this summer
DScull264: Why do you do all these things and not tell me?
michgirlfriend1: id rather not talk abot it, i try to forget it, i was drunk
DScull264: Why were you drunk? When were you drunk? Why do I never know about this?
michgirlfriend1: i don't know, they are like a seperate life for me, i get so use to not telling my family
DScull264: Why do I suddenly feel very inadequate?
michgirlfriend1: wait, you don't know anything about my summer
michgirlfriend1: how did you miss it
DScull264: What? I know nothing because you tell me nothing...
michgirlfriend1: no shit.....
DScull264: Uh, yeah. So then you say something like "blahblahblah drugs" and I go "Huh?"
michgirlfriend1: Lauren knows, hell LaRease knows, i've never bitched about it to you?
DScull264: Um... dur... I'd have to go with 'no'...
michgirlfriend1: i'm sorry, i could have sworn i've talked about it
michgirlfriend1: well, what a great first internet conversation
DScull264: Yeah, you said something about boyfriend, making out, whatnot... I said "What?" and you changed the subject on that too.
DScull264: So, no... you really didn't bother to bitch to me about drugs...
michgirlfriend1: oh, well they all kind of go together
DScull264: Heh... no, really?
michgirlfriend1: yeah
DScull264: *sarcasmsarcasmsarcasm*
michgirlfriend1: i spent my nights staying outlate hanging with college kids i met downtown at concerts and stuff
DScull264: Uhhuh...
michgirlfriend1: a little bit here and there, it's not a great difference, just like sophmore to senior
michgirlfriend1: i can't belive you didn't know!!!!!
DScull264: Well, gee... if you never told me.
michgirlfriend1: so i feel very weird
DScull264: *snorts* Like you're the only one...
michgirlfriend1: snorts, how very funny
DScull264: Thppp.
michgirlfriend1: don't worry didn't do no crack
michgirlfriend1: just once with weed
DScull264: Yeah, don't do the crack, yo...
DScull264: The immeasureable words of Beth.
michgirlfriend1: i don't really see the thrill, course i don't really remember
michgirlfriend1: what about beth
DScull264: Yeah, that might have something to do with it...
michgirlfriend1: no what about beth
DScull264: Oh, Beth... Beth you don't know. Nevermind.
michgirlfriend1: not wenger
DScull264: Nope.
michgirlfriend1: i couldn't see how she really fit in
DScull264: Beth from tree city players...
DScull264: Beth who said "don't do the crack"
michgirlfriend1: ohhhhhh
michgirlfriend1: gotcha
DScull264: Yup.
michgirlfriend1: well now
michgirlfriend1: so....
DScull264: Mike said something about going to smoke with Ryan and letting me tag along...
DScull264: I wanna see Ryan...
michgirlfriend1: who's mike, who's ryan?
DScull264: The smoking I don't care so much about...
michgirlfriend1: so i repeat
DScull264: Mike Herman. Ryan McMullen, guy I went on and on about...
michgirlfriend1: oh was ryan the director
DScull264: Yup.
michgirlfriend1: yeah i'm stupid
DScull264: Hey... I dunno if I can deny it.
michgirlfriend1: well we all know that
michgirlfriend1: cute real cute- voice dripping with sarcasm
DScull264: No, is it really? I mean, you normally think the things I say are cute.
michgirlfriend1: anywho- see i keep my amyisms even here-
DScull264: Yeah, I can't see you going anywhere without them.
michgirlfriend1: i know they are a part of me
DScull264: Indeed.
michgirlfriend1: so, you don't think im an idiot now do you
michgirlfriend1: i really don't get wasted
DScull264: Weeee-eeeeel... should I?
michgirlfriend1: no
DScull264: I never thought you did.
michgirlfriend1: i'm not
DScull264: I just feel inadequate.
DScull264: I want heroin...
DScull264: just once...
michgirlfriend1: i honestly can't belive i didn't tell you
DScull264: Well, I can.... but then I'm me...
michgirlfriend1: don't do herion, that's heavy crap
DScull264: I know... But I want to try it. Like I want to try a lot of things.
michgirlfriend1: hey, i gotta go eat dinner, i'll vall you later or try to im you 'kay
DScull264: Knowing my luck, I'll be addicted to it...
DScull264: Yeah... okeydoke...
DScull264: Bye... go eat stuff...
michgirlfriend1: i mean i'll call you, not give you some valium
DScull264: Riiiight...
michgirlfriend1: okay bye

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