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It just keeps going...

michgirlfriend1: hey, i'm back
michgirlfriend1: any time now.......
DScull264: Whoa, what?
DScull264: How long does it take...? Nevermind...
michgirlfriend1: yeah i'm back now, thanx for answering in the last five min.
DScull264: Bah... I went to the bathroom...
DScull264: I do move from my computer occasionally.
michgirlfriend1: shame on you
DScull264: I'm trying to think of a noise to make at you over IM.
michgirlfriend1: i like went to click on this, and that stupid your buddy is waiting for you popped yp, that buddy bear thing can go to hell
DScull264: I think it's a gorilla.
michgirlfriend1: whatever
michgirlfriend1: write your e-mail, i want to try and send you something
DScull264: Well, yeah. I wonder why you always get those things?
DScull264: Hmm...
michgirlfriend1: i don't know, looking for some pron, i got um
michgirlfriend1: oh, funny story
DScull264: Pron? Where do you get pron?
michgirlfriend1: no porn
DScull264: Ohhhh... gee.
DScull264: Porn.
DScull264: Not pron.
michgirlfriend1: Jeff's name for a porn film, Chitty, Chitty gang bang
DScull264: Oh... that's good...
DScull264: Hehe...
michgirlfriend1: Lauren A., Fiddler on the floor
michgirlfriend1: or something like that i can't remeber jeff's was better
michgirlfriend1: write your e-mail
DScull264: I'm writing
michgirlfriend1: i replyed but i need your adress for a new one
DScull264: Uhhuh... well, I just sent one...
michgirlfriend1: anya's story, her mom use to work at video 101, she was the lady who called late fees, she's like "hello, i'm calling to remmind you that you have kept a video for 300= days, if you could kindly return fuckbutt babes, i'm sure the video isn't worth the dues
DScull264: Hee...
DScull264: Funny.
michgirlfriend1: dude, you're e-mail, just write it here
DScull264: Sigh... mmmkay. drworm@allofyourgodsaredead.com
michgirlfriend1: did you get my email?
DScull264: Did you just send one?
michgirlfriend1: yeah, just now
DScull264: Er... no, not yet. Give it some time to get through the system.
michgirlfriend1: on the internet station i'm listening to , losing a whole year from third eye blind is on i love this song, you should listen to it at my house some time, its so rad
DScull264: Rad? Amy went back to the 80s!
michgirlfriend1: dude, i've beeen using that for awhile, where you been
DScull264: Um... maybe not around? Or maybe I choose to block it out.
michgirlfriend1: ever since Craig started using it it's been my word, drives Lauren M. crazy
michgirlfriend1: Montoya that is
DScull264: Uhhuh...
michgirlfriend1: HEY HEY!!!!!
michgirlfriend1: from the song
DScull264: Rad?
michgirlfriend1: hey hey in the TEB song i'm listening to, rad in the cattle herd
DScull264: oooookaaay...
michgirlfriend1: yeah
DScull264: I'm glad it all comes together for you
michgirlfriend1: oh, U2 i love this station
michgirlfriend1: i'm glad it all comes together for me to
DScull264: Life would be very different if it didn't
michgirlfriend1: first amy goes through hell, but then it comes together
DScull264: Right
michgirlfriend1: hey, what does the Bcc on th email form stand for?
DScull264: I'm not sure. Back copies, maybe? It just shows what's gone or going to other addressed. I think.
DScull264: Something to that effect. I dunno. Look it up.
michgirlfriend1: oh well, who gives a damn, sure as hell not me
DScull264: Ok.
DScull264: I may end up looking it up.
michgirlfriend1: you know that lyric, feel like i was born with an invisble heart- slide, yeah that's me to a cue
DScull264: Sure.
michgirlfriend1: ya get my email yet?
DScull264: Nope.
michgirlfriend1: damn it, i copied that exactly, pisses me off
DScull264: Sometimes it takes awhile.
michgirlfriend1: peppy or pissed, that'd be me
michgirlfriend1: i hate waiting
DScull264: Sometimes both
michgirlfriend1: true, true, hey, what about being a pervert?
DScull264: So... I am one, I guess.
michgirlfriend1: well, duh,,,,why?
DScull264: Because my poems are about sex. Or they mention sex. Or they have something vaguely to do with sex.
michgirlfriend1: example......
DScull264: Umm... one of the lines in my poem today was 'fucking in dark alleys'... or something to that general effect.
michgirlfriend1: oh, that's not to bad, LaReasa is just one big fuck,
michgirlfriend1: should tell her that, she'd probably go Amy hee heee, laugh cry
DScull264: Nah, I didn't think it was. Mrs. Dzeda made a big deal about it too. >.<
DScull264: Stupid woman.
michgirlfriend1: oh!!!!!!!!!Songs from an american women is playing now prt. 1!!!!!!!
DScull264: an American woman...?
michgirlfriend1: I tried to send you the radio station, but it's not working, i love this station, why don't we have radio like this
DScull264: I dunno...
DScull264: We suck?
michgirlfriend1: i was getting there, just mixing some titles.... i need spellcheck
DScull264: Ayuh...
michgirlfriend1: oh, frown, i was listening to that waiting for here we go again, but a nother song came up, how disillusioning
DScull264: Too sad.
michgirlfriend1: now live is on, i tried to share, stupid e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!!
michgirlfriend1: i like the exclamation points gets my peppy anger across nicely
DScull264: Well, what's this place? Where's this place?
michgirlfriend1: can ya feel it.
DScull264: I feel it.
michgirlfriend1: i don't know what it's called it just has a send to a friend thing, my jukebox thing pulled it off the net for me
DScull264: Oh...
DScull264: I see.
DScull264: Stimulating conversation, yo...
michgirlfriend1: they stupid though, they list all the guys and scott cuthbert, dumb asses
DScull264: They list Scott?
DScull264: Why?
michgirlfriend1: who knows, probably pulled it off of WofN credits
DScull264: Dur...
michgirlfriend1: but still a cool station despite that
DScull264: Well, great.
michgirlfriend1: hey, i forgot about the pervert thing, want to hear a great lyric i created?
michgirlfriend1: well you gonna to
DScull264: Uh...sure.
michgirlfriend1: a warm grin can make me cry, a good hard fuck can make me smile
DScull264: Oooh... that's pretty good.
michgirlfriend1: isn't it htogh?
DScull264: yeah.
michgirlfriend1: though, i meant though
DScull264: I came up with one sometime today, but it escaped me.
michgirlfriend1: if it comes back share
DScull264: Sure...
michgirlfriend1: augh, my brother is on the phone with me
DScull264: Huh?
michgirlfriend1: yeah he called, i'm about to hang up with him
DScull264: Ok... where did he call from?
michgirlfriend1: he's babysitting
DScull264: Ohh..
michgirlfriend1: yeah, i asked him who ballsucker was, sandi
DScull264: Explain...
michgirlfriend1: you know the person i said im'd him, because he didn't sgin off right, and was like hey ballsucker then signed off before i could answer, and be like, i'm not richard
DScull264: Ohhh right, right, right
michgirlfriend1: anyway, he and sandi are getting pretty chummy, do i see something happening?????
DScull264: Mmmm.... do you?
michgirlfriend1: i know he thinks she's hot?????
DScull264: Tsk, tsk... next thing you know...
michgirlfriend1: ah, following in my footsteps how cute, only with girls thank god
michgirlfriend1: he he grew up like neil i'd pull my hair out
michgirlfriend1: and you know how important my hair is to me.
DScull264: Well, if he was following with guys I'd be....amused, actually...]
DScull264: Yes, indeedy...
michgirlfriend1: anyho, i told Jodi he's crushing on Sandi, it's so cute
DScull264: Heh...
michgirlfriend1: mr, i don't like girls......uh huh....i know
DScull264: Hey, he's gotta have hormones too.
michgirlfriend1: sure thing
DScull264: If he's taken cold showers...
michgirlfriend1: no, that's steve's job....you know, kirsten dunst
DScull264: Oh right...
michgirlfriend1: yeah, so i got to get going, i'll see you tommorrow kay?
DScull264: Ok... goodnight. Sleep tight.
DScull264: Read APUS
michgirlfriend1: don't let the bed bugs bite
michgirlfriend1: like hell
DScull264: Exactly... that's the spirit!
michgirlfriend1: hell yeah
DScull264: Apathy is the way to go!
michgirlfriend1: apthy starts with ap
DScull264: So it does.
michgirlfriend1: yup, so seee ya
DScull264: Byyyyye, yo.

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