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Wow...LiveJournal is really sucking lately...

Ooh! Sacrilege! Hehe...but it's the truth. What happened, LiveJournal? You are always overloaded.
On the plus side, fanfiction.net is up again! Heh...I posted my piece of Trigun fiction and, so far, have gotten one (very nice) review. Mmm...I guess it's not back in full swing yet.
Last night I went out to see 'Rolling Donuts', a local comedy ensemble that was performing at Tree City Players (aka the local community theatre). I know most of the people in it pretty well, and am also pretty well aquainted with the guy who writes, directs, and produces it. He's actually kind of annoying, but that's not important.
Anyway, Rolling Donuts was incredibly funny. Both Ani and Alicia were there and we sat together and...y'know...heckled a little. They made one or two references to 'Fools', including a dig on Neil Simon ("Only you can prevent Neil Simon. Only you.") and a nod to my character (Bill came out with my sheep herding stick and started doing the 'here sheepy, sheepy, sheepy' thing. They told me later they'd been wanting so badly to use that gag, and only on that night could they do it...because of all the 'Fools' alumni that were present). That was hysterical. The second act was mostly about this one guy, Andrew Lloyd Sondheim, and his alter-ego, children's writer Stephen Webber (get the joke?). That was pretty funny, but a little incomprehensible at times. And then there was a long running gag called 'Variations on a Theme', which was all about a man with no arms. They were just short little scenes coming between the longer ones, where the man with no arms (Bill, who had pulled his arms behind his back where they were hidden by his t-shirt) would come onstage, and another woman would enter and try to hand him something or tell him to do something involving arms. Bill would give the audience this wonderful *look*. Oh, it was just hysterical.
Other good skits included this soliliquy by Jesus' mother, describing his early childhood and the real circumstances surrounding his birth (Mary apparently had a dream about somebody named Jim Morrison and then woke up nine months pregnant), a whole skit with this opera singer (really, this woman is an opera singer. Good, too)who was drinking pretty heavily. She began to sing in Italian and went on for a few minutes before stopping, looking at the bottle, and said "Fuck this foreign shit". And later in that same sketch, this other girl would run up and describe how she met Ghandi ("Shut up. I'm having a flashback") and then she'd run off with the Ghandi from her flashback. The opera singer then turned to her butler and said "Who was that girl, and why was she called me Norman?"
*giggles* Oh, it was really, really funny! A little gross sometimes, but hysterical. They told us outside that they'd expected us (the resident 'under-agers') to have most of the jokes fly over our heads...when, in reality, we were probably laughing the hardest. Haha...thhppp! >.< We may be young, but we're not stupid.
Oh, and also they were filming the performance (with a real camera-guy! Named Tim Conway! Seriously...) for an audition tape for certain networks. Which was kinda neat. We gave them many hearty 'Hoofas'!
After it was over, Ani, Alicia, Mike, Lanie, Mark and I all went down to the local pool hall. I'd never been to the pool hall...so they made me go. It was pretty funny. We saw Ani's ex-boyfriend, Ron (who is also a guy that I shared a few art classes with). It was pretty funny. And I beat Alicia at air hockey! ^____^ I never win, so it was a major ego-boost for me. But Alicia did manage to get past my air-tight defense a couple times ^_~ Heh. Yeah.
And then this morning, my dad and I went out to the school parking lot and I practiced driving. It's not that hard, really. I have problems with braking. Plus, my brakes squeal like you wouldn't believe. And I think I was scaring my father because I kept talking to the car. I want to name it. He says fine. I say we named it 'Squeaky'.
On the way home, I saw a car with a bumper sticker that said 'Thank God I'm Croatian!'. I was so happy! I was like "Oh yeah! You guys rule!" ^^ Because I'm half-Croatian (even though I keep having weird dreams about how everything my mother ever told me was a lie). I want to know where they got that awesome bumper sticker, because I really want one for myself.

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