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Eventful day...

I drove!!! ^___^ Wild excitement here, people! I drove to the bank, to the grocery store, and to the movie theatre! I was so proud! Ok... I still have my father in the car... but I still drive! And I park! I park badly, but I park!

Ahaha! ^_________^ And I spent a few hourse playing 'The Sims' on my computer because I got Lance and Pietro skins. Now I'm getting them to fall in love (which they are. It's so cute!) and taking pictures of it... Eheheh... And Todd's living with them, but I think he's feeling a little left out because the other two are like *smoochy, smoochy, smoochy*

Ok... eventful day, huh? And I also saw Ocean's 11. Maybe more about that tomorrow, because I think my dad's about to kill me dead, yo... hahaha...

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