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More Amy and me IM chronicles...

michgirlfriend1: hey steph
DScull264: Hey...
DScull264: How was your day?
michgirlfriend1: what's up, you are never going to belive what happened to me today
michgirlfriend1: recognize that quote?
DScull264: Yeah...
DScull264: Something actually happen?
DScull264: Or do we just like quoting 'Unemployed Boyfriend'?
michgirlfriend1: Anyway, i was talking to rich and i went to go down neil's stairs....
DScull264: Uh-huh...
michgirlfriend1: a litlle of both
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: anyway, then i slipped, front flip down the stairs...
michgirlfriend1: hit the wall
michgirlfriend1: and keeping going..
DScull264: Oh my god...
michgirlfriend1: down to the bottom where i land on a dog bone
michgirlfriend1: it hurt like hell
DScull264: Are you ok?!
michgirlfriend1: thank god i din't break anything
DScull264: Seriously...
DScull264: Lots of bruises?
michgirlfriend1: i have the nastiest bruises up and down my back
DScull264: Ouch...
michgirlfriend1: you know me, i bruise easily and even on someone else there would have to be bruises
DScull264: Seriously...
DScull264: But you survived, right?
michgirlfriend1: the world is full of stupid things to do and say, and i always have to be the first to do them
michgirlfriend1: damn this competeive spirit
DScull264: Oh god, no. My mom fell down, like, three stairs... she broke her ankle and walked on it for a couple of weeks before seeing a doctor...
DScull264: You aren't the only person to do stupid shit...
DScull264: And, of course, we all remember when Stephanie jumped off the Victory Bell...
michgirlfriend1: i know, but it's better to laugh about it then think about how much it hurt
DScull264: Yeah...
michgirlfriend1: i have a way of laughing stuff like thatr off
DScull264: I most definitely know the feeling.
DScull264: I'm always falling down and just laughing about it. Freaks people out.
michgirlfriend1: first i yell damn shit fuck hell, then i break out laughing
DScull264: Yup... pretty much...
DScull264: And then we joke about how graceful we are...
michgirlfriend1: oh well, that's there problem for being freaks about it
michgirlfriend1: its my damn pain, i will carry it the way i chose, always gracefully
DScull264: Indeed.
michgirlfriend1: yes
DScull264: But you'll live until tomorrow, huh?
michgirlfriend1: yeah, it hurts to bend, but i'll make it
DScull264: Good. That's always good.
DScull264: Don't bend too much.
michgirlfriend1: i rolled down the stairs once when i was four, it's like a recurring incident
michgirlfriend1: only it''s only happened twice
DScull264: Well, maybe it'll happen a third time.
michgirlfriend1: but i probably have a lot of life left in which to do it again
DScull264: Not that I wish it on you or anything
michgirlfriend1: yeah, lauren figures that this is how i'll die, falling down the stairs of the empire state building or something
DScull264: Oooh... now that's hurt.
michgirlfriend1: shit yeah
DScull264: Oooh....
DScull264: Just never go to the Empire State Building.
michgirlfriend1: i'll make it a point not to
DScull264: Good. Good, good.
michgirlfriend1: hey, today i found the song off of the nervous & weird ep called don't change, good stuff
DScull264: Where'd you find it?
DScull264: Actually, you could send it to me..
michgirlfriend1: and the cover of bad connection, it's live and really funny because the guys talk for awhile first
DScull264: Ok... you can send these to me...
michgirlfriend1: its off winMX, how could i send it?
DScull264: Do you have it saved as an mp3?
michgirlfriend1: let me see
michgirlfriend1: i don't know how to get it, all i know is that all i have to do is play it once, then i can burn it through the burning program i don't know how to find it
michgirlfriend1: i plan on burning it
DScull264: Uh-huh... ok...
DScull264: Maybe I'll give you a cd and you can burn some of this stuff for me...
michgirlfriend1: hey, neil just like bought quantity for me, when i do mine i'll do yours, there's even a button for multiple burnings
DScull264: Coolies...
DScull264: Thanks...
michgirlfriend1: no problem, ya did it for me
DScull264: Yupp.
DScull264: Cd for cd, eh?
michgirlfriend1: probably partly cause i'd go insane but, hey....
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: hey, i just found it, yeah amy!!!
DScull264: Ok...
DScull264: Good for you.
michgirlfriend1: it's through documents and real player now i can listen to it now, good stuff
DScull264: Good. Great.
michgirlfriend1: i'm getting the hang of this stuff
DScull264: Good skills, yo...
michgirlfriend1: yeppers
DScull264: Uh-huh...
michgirlfriend1: what you up to today
DScull264: Umm... oh! We went and did errands... and I drove!
DScull264: It made me happy.
DScull264: I'm all like "Oh yeah... I drive the car."
DScull264: Then we went and saw 'Ocean's 11'. Cool movie...
michgirlfriend1: where did you get to drive? are you driving tomorrow? i haven't updated my life insurance yet
michgirlfriend1: was ocean 11 cool, or were clooney and pitt just hot?
DScull264: I could drive... but I still have my temps...
michgirlfriend1: i know, just teasing
DScull264: Ocean's 11 was cool... but actually Brad, George, and Matt were the main attraction.
DScull264: In my humble opinion.
michgirlfriend1: don't blame you, somthins got to keep you watching
DScull264: Don't tease me... I'm a good driver! Although... maybe you should update that insurance... just in case...
DScull264: Drove to the bank, to the grocery store, to the movie theatre. But it was fun!
michgirlfriend1: all i gotta say, is that thank god for Josh Hartnett for not shaving his hair unitl after pearl harbor
DScull264: Yup.
DScull264: Saved that movie for me.
michgirlfriend1: yeah, sounds great
michgirlfriend1: you saw pearl harbor?
DScull264: Yeah.
michgirlfriend1: when?
DScull264: Um... when it was in the theatres. My dad dragged me to it.
DScull264: I know we've discussed this before.
michgirlfriend1: oh, i don't remeber you telling me that, all this time i've been joking and you knew what i was talking about, damn i missed that one
DScull264: Uh.... huh...
michgirlfriend1: plenty of time to go the bathroom during that movie
DScull264: Yup.
DScull264: Oh yup.
DScull264: So much yup.
michgirlfriend1: like what i don't get is the whole cuba gooding thing, like his part was stupid
DScull264: Yeah, really. It's like..." I'm a cook, but now I'm patriotic and will shoot the japanese! Hahaha!"
michgirlfriend1: i guess i'm really desensitized, but everyone was like all the death, it was so horrible and tragic, whereas i'm like my slushee was good
michgirlfriend1: it just didn't get to me at all
DScull264: I'm laughing...
DScull264: just thought you'd like to know...
DScull264: "Slushie.... mmmm...
michgirlfriend1: at least you don't write lol
DScull264: Yeah. I don't like it.
michgirlfriend1: that reminds me of kori who uses it obssessively
DScull264: Ugh...
DScull264: I usually type out my actions between little *...*
michgirlfriend1: on drafts, on reviews, on editing, day to day conversation for god sake
DScull264: But I figure for you I should attempt to be normal.
michgirlfriend1: and she thinks its great
michgirlfriend1: little fuck
DScull264: I hate that. Lol. Kewl.
DScull264: Makes me pukey...
michgirlfriend1: no, not
DScull264: Not...?
michgirlfriend1: yeah emily gave lareasa my screen name, all she ever says is lol
DScull264: Ahh... oh no...
michgirlfriend1: i told her i'll group her with kori if she does that, then she used it a thousand times more. i'm going to learn how to use my block key....
DScull264: Heh... 'lol'...
michgirlfriend1: yeah, i'll learn right now
DScull264: Hey, I'll be good...
michgirlfriend1: you know what is annoying the hell out of me?
DScull264: What?
michgirlfriend1: what the hell does quering mean?
DScull264: Quering?
DScull264: Is that a word?
michgirlfriend1: what is quering locally, it's like the story of my downloading life
DScull264: ...
DScull264: hell if I know.
DScull264: I've never seen it before.
michgirlfriend1: always always, quered locally
michgirlfriend1: all i know. is it doesn't freaking work, takes me a bunch of tries
michgirlfriend1: or how about this, busy(Queuble) like what the hell can't we just use normal terms??????
DScull264: I'm willing to bet it's something the computer does when it's trying to connect to another computer...
michgirlfriend1: yeah ya think, but what does it mean????can i do something about it!!???? i hate technology everything has to be so diffucult
DScull264: Nope.
DScull264: Betcha can't do anything about it.
michgirlfriend1: i'm sure
DScull264: Sorry...
michgirlfriend1: yeah, i'll have to learn to live, but it's disturbing when you want the song so ba, and you just can't have it
DScull264: I know the feeling.
michgirlfriend1: one day, one day, i'll teach you to queur i will i will
DScull264: *snerk*
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: damn it, the song was downloading and then the stupid queuble thing
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: it was a cover i've never heard before, of a neil young song
DScull264: Which one?
michgirlfriend1: stupid computer i hope you go to computer hell
DScull264: Pocahontas?
michgirlfriend1: no harvest
DScull264: Oh...
DScull264: Gee, I've never heard that one either.
michgirlfriend1: it's really hot up in computer hell, suffer long and hard
DScull264: up?
DScull264: Hell is up?
michgirlfriend1: i'll get it some other time
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: why not, why should it be down
michgirlfriend1: there ain't no haeven up there right
michgirlfriend1: why not a hell
DScull264: Maybe it's just a cultural thing... but I usually think of hell as being a 'down' concept.
michgirlfriend1: i think of it as whatever word comes out of my mouth first
DScull264: Ok, then.
michgirlfriend1: but i guess i've always thought they're both up
michgirlfriend1: i've never considered either down
DScull264: Hmm...
DScull264: I gotta say, I think up for heaven and down for hell.
michgirlfriend1: i think it's because in the bible they are across from one another therefore...
DScull264: I'm such a conformist.
michgirlfriend1: yeah, get your own ideas, sure you become the freak, but it's working for me
DScull264: Right.
michgirlfriend1: everyone laughs with me, or is it at me,,, well i'll just go with the first
DScull264: Hmmm
DScull264: Believe what you like.
michgirlfriend1: yeah
michgirlfriend1: i will thank you very much
DScull264: ... simple-minded peasents. Little do they know that I will someday control them...
DScull264: Ooo.... did I type that?
michgirlfriend1: no of course not i didn't read anything, i just like to radomly respond
DScull264: Right.
DScull264: Exactly.
michgirlfriend1: dope
michgirlfriend1: see like that
DScull264: Uhhuh...
michgirlfriend1: yeah i'm really tired, last night i was up unitl 2 waiting for richard, i should have gone out myslef
DScull264: Yeah...
michgirlfriend1: then i woke up at 6
DScull264: Ugh.
michgirlfriend1: only to be called and told i wasn't needed until 9 instead of seven because they slept in
michgirlfriend1: must be great
DScull264: That's pretty bad.
michgirlfriend1: yeah
michgirlfriend1: cool, i just found a live accoustic of heroin girl live, this is some cool stuff
DScull264: Uhhuh...
michgirlfriend1: it's an mp3, can i get it to you somehow?
DScull264: Yeah, you can go up to the 'People' menu and select ' Send file'
michgirlfriend1: as in like my file or where i got it?
DScull264: Your file.
michgirlfriend1: okay, i'll try
DScull264: Ok...
michgirlfriend1: will it still stay on my computer =to?
DScull264: Yup.
DScull264: Eh... nevermind.
DScull264: I'm gonna have to go soon anyway.
michgirlfriend1: it's oh not working, i'll call you tomorrow kay?
DScull264: Yeah...
DScull264: Don't forget...
michgirlfriend1: i won't i'm not lauren and you have my chocolate
DScull264: True...
DScull264: You make a very valid point.
michgirlfriend1: yes
michgirlfriend1: bye now sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite
DScull264: Same to you.
DScull264: Share the bed with the dogs.
michgirlfriend1: thanx much
DScull264: Your welcome... talk to you tomorrow.
michgirlfriend1: no they sleepin on the floor tonight
michgirlfriend1: tommorrows
DScull264: Hah...
DScull264: Yup...
DScull264: Buhbye...
michgirlfriend1: bye

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