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Let's open up the week with an 'Amen'!

Whoa... livejournal's, like, working and stuff.

Haha... I'm so friggin' weird right now and I love it! Dale was dissing my online journal/s today. Hey, you! *smacks Dale* Shut up!

No, really... I love Dale. He has a little pug dog named Otis (get it? As in Milo and Otis?) who he says is "the ugliest little motherfucker". And he didn't know who Baba Yaga was, which made me happy because he usually knows all the mythology stuff I toss around.

Am I the only one in the world who thinks Baba Yaga is hella cool? Probably... well, she is, dammit. I mean, just say the name. Baba Yaga. Isn't that fun? Yes, it is.

Conversations today:

Capital ideas

Elizabeth: And I think there's a 'Captial' college in Massachusetts... but they spell it wrong.

Jeff: They spell it wrong?

Elizabeth: Yeah, they spell it with an 'o'. Like 'cap-it-ol'.

Jeff: ... You idiot! You're eighteen! How can you not know that there are two ways to spell 'capital'!? Yeah... you know that building in Washington D.C? The 'Capitol'? Yeah, that's spelled with an 'o'.

Elizabeth: Oops...

Jeff: They spell it wrong. They spell it wrong. Like they just overlooked it for over a hundred years...

Hairy Potter?

Amy: And I could get you a big, hairy guy who makes pots... then you can have a 'hairy potter'.

Me: Do it, and I'm not buying you Loser.

Amy: I'll be good.

Copyright laws

Amy: So, I came up with this idea. And you can't do it because it's copyrighted.

Me: What's your idea?

Amy: I'm putting Everclear lyrics up all over my room.

Me: Amy... you can't copyright that.

Amy: Well, it's my idea and you can't do it.

Did I hit it?

Dad: Whoa...

Me: *driving* What? What??????

Dad: That house sure has a lot of lights up. And a big plastic Santa.

Me: Oh thank god... I thought I hit something.

Dad: No, if you had hit something it would have been a much bigger 'whoa'.

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