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They say that breaking uuuup iiiiis haaa-aaaard to dooooo...

Eh, but how would I know? ^__~ And proud of it too. I have no crushes on any real life guys and only mild crushes on a few real life gals. And even my fictional sexual obsessions are waning slightly.

Today was the Art Club holiday party. It was fun... everyone loved the presents I brought in! See, we play this gift exchange game where everyone brings in a present and we exchange them by means of a very complex number draw/trade system. The only catch is that the present you bring in must have cost a dollar or less. I brought in a stuffed pink gorilla and an old school, metal hamster wheel I'd found at the thrift store. Total cost of my gifts? 85 cents. Oh yeah. I'm good.

I think Mike ended up with my gifts... I ended up with Tom's. -__-;; One hundred pennies in a box. Whoopee. I had the spatula for awhile, which was a gift courtesy of this new girl named Charmel... but she ended up trading with me so she got it back! Grrrrowwwwl. You're not supposed to take your own gifts. It's rude. I don't like her already. She all bossy and stuff... she's pushy and I swear she was shooting down every idea I had for the Art Club christmas carol on purpose. Yeah, fuck you, Nordonia chickie.

Anyway... um... I have come to the conclusion that I am a very mean person sometimes. Blah.

That, and I'm so awfully excited about Rose's dj project. Ahhh... only catch is that I have to get around to drawing all this stuff... O.o;; I can do it! Yeah! Pump it up!

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