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Well, that was unexpected...

While coming home from getting dinner, the car ran out of gas. Not that it was my fault, it wasn't even my car... it was the old one that dad drives because it's a stick shift. And it just... whoosh. Luckily, he steered it onto a little side road from which a gas station was only one street over. He had to buy a gallon of water, dump out the water, and put the gas in to get it back to the car. -____- I'm almost certain that is not safe.

It was just... a good twenty minutes for me to sit and take a nap in the car. I almost fell asleep, too... but then he knocked on the window. >.< Whaaa...

And I have to go to work sooo-ooon. Even though I'm not supposed to be there until 6:30. Well, gee. Look who'll be sitting around for awhile. Yay...

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