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Oh... right... shit...

Um, maybe I should have asked like a week ago... y'know, when all the normal people were, but...

Anybody have a burning desire to exchange small gifts/cards or something for the holidays? Could be stuff that'd have to be mailed, or just cute internet things... I draw, I write... the standards upon request. I also can't think of anything to buy for my real-life friends, so I have all this money just lying around...

Ok, this is what I know I need to do/get:

Scan some of the LxS djs I have for Rose.

Buy Loser for Amy.

Send Zero the 1x3 dj and Art's siggie... (and get her mailing addy... ahhh!)

But, so far... that's it. And I'd be totally happy to do something if anybody pipes up and expresses interest. Just be aware that I celebrate 'Societal Holiday Gift-Giving' and not Christmas, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, or Ramadan. But... eh, that's my only stipulation... ^___~ Nyah...

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