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In forty-five minutes...

I'm going to have to sing. Uh-oh... *swallows her gum* Who's ready for the holiday choir concert? Not me!

Now... let's see... "Iiiiiiiin the bleak mid wiiiiiiiiinter...." Right, I know that one. Moving on.

"Si-i-lent night and o ho-oly night.... heavenly peace... sleeeeeep heavenly niiiiiight...." Ok we're good...

"HARK howthebells SWEET silverbells ALL seemtosay THROW carseaway" Take fast breaths and never stop... check...

"O holy niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight the stars are briiiiiiiiiightly shiiiiiiii-iiii-ning" Yup, yup, yup.

Add finally "HALLELUIAH! HALLELUIAH!" Yes, I do know that song. ^____^

Oh... and I get to hear "DEo DEo DEo!" Alright! It's going to be me and Jessie sitting there making fun of them so awfully much... Especially on "Soulful Celebration". Oh, you guys are going down, yo!

Mwahahaha... whoever said anything about choir being dignified was wrong, wrong, wrong!

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