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Ok... not funny...

My email is totally fucking with me right now...

Me: No! I want you to sort messages according to date, not subject! Arrrrrrgh!

Oh yeah... and it won't let me download 'Gloria in Excelsis Deo' from Reny... >.< *growls* Ok, this sucks ass...

Even if I have given up all hope of ever finding a recording of that particular arrangement. *laughs to herself* I'm just going to record my own little version eventually so people can listen in and think I'm a major headcase... which I am...

Ooo-oor... I could just wait until next year when the choir compilation cd comes out.

Oooo-ooor... I could say "Hey Mrs. C... I really loved that song and you already have that cd... and if you let me borrow the cd overnight and burn that song really quick I could have it back next day, no problems! (and I'd be cutting my throat, no lies)"

... no, she'd never let me. *formulates elaborate scheme for sneaking in at night, stealing it, and copying it* Ehehehehe... sneaky I am. Talk like Yoda I must. Put verb at end of sentence I shall.

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