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Amy and I...

michgirlfriend1: hey

Auto response from DScull264: I'm drawing. You go shush now. If it's Zero or Amy, I'll try to take notice (and if it's Amy, just call me for Christ's sake!)

DScull264: Whoops...
DScull264: Hi, yo...
michgirlfriend1: but i don't want to call
DScull264: Sorry
DScull264: Ok... so don't. Sheesh.
michgirlfriend1: yeah, that's the like third auto reponse i've gotten today
DScull264: Really?
DScull264: Hmm...
DScull264: No one wants to talk to you
michgirlfriend1: i don't get it, don't log on if your're not gonna talk
DScull264: Sad...
michgirlfriend1: simple concept
michgirlfriend1: emily had that as did tessa
DScull264: Yeah, but... see... this way, I noticed you were here and now we're talking.
michgirlfriend1: true
michgirlfriend1: is my buddy icon still good???
DScull264: Hell, I didn't even get to start talking.
DScull264: Yes... your buddy icon is still good.
DScull264: Like mine?
michgirlfriend1: yea
michgirlfriend1: my brother said his came up everclear
DScull264: Really?
michgirlfriend1: yea
DScull264: How interesting...
michgirlfriend1: so he changed it and i was afraid mine would be affecteed
DScull264: Not on my computer.
michgirlfriend1: his girl was like, i don't get it
michgirlfriend1: well, that's cool
DScull264: His girl?
michgirlfriend1: i probably accidently put it on his too
michgirlfriend1: well you know, his crush
DScull264: Infect the whole damn world...
DScull264: Ooooohhhhh.... his girl...
michgirlfriend1: this is richard i'm talking bout by the way
DScull264: No... really? Neal doesn't get a girl.
michgirlfriend1: so last night, madtv everclear was on, good stuff
DScull264: Cool.
michgirlfriend1: neil will never get a girl
michgirlfriend1: it was really eweird
DScull264: NEIL.... I can spell!
DScull264: ok...
michgirlfriend1: cause i went to a concert with jules
DScull264: uh-huh.
michgirlfriend1: and i got home and he's watching an old rerun of madtv
DScull264: yeah.
michgirlfriend1: and i'm like, i'm tired going to bed
michgirlfriend1: so he convinces me to stay up for a bit
DScull264: which one? Rich?
michgirlfriend1: i'm getting sick of watching that stupid show
michgirlfriend1: so i tell rich...
michgirlfriend1: that i'm going to bed
michgirlfriend1: he's like five more minutes
michgirlfriend1: so i;''m like FINE
michgirlfriend1: then i say, you know everclear was on here once
michgirlfriend1: too bad i dodn't ever see it
michgirlfriend1: then seriously one second later it goes on break
michgirlfriend1: and the announcer is like, keep watching for evercleasr
michgirlfriend1: i freaked
DScull264: That's pretty good...
michgirlfriend1: it was so fucking awesome
DScull264: did you get to tape it?
DScull264: what song did they play?
michgirlfriend1: i called lauren , but i forgot that shes on that cruise and woke up her parents...oops
DScull264: Oops
DScull264: She's on a cruise?
DScull264: Ok.
michgirlfriend1: are you kidding me, i had the tape before the phone
DScull264: Of course...
michgirlfriend1: fuck lauren, first things first
michgirlfriend1: they played when it all goes wrong again and Am radio
DScull264: Wow! 2 songs!
michgirlfriend1: it was really cool, craig had cool hair
michgirlfriend1: i know
michgirlfriend1: it was very exciting
DScull264: Niftiness...
DScull264: Art look good?
michgirlfriend1: i don't understand how those things always work out for me
DScull264: Dumb luck.
michgirlfriend1: but i'm not fighting it...i was meant to be an everclear fan
DScull264: Seriously.
michgirlfriend1: get it straight though, i go through hell first, but then they work out
DScull264: Yup.
michgirlfriend1: art had his longish hair, but he was still hot, of course
DScull264: Yay!
DScull264: Of course...
michgirlfriend1: he is a hotie
DScull264: Duh...
michgirlfriend1: my tape with when it all goes wrong again, am radio and wonderful came today that i won on ebay
DScull264: Cool. Did you watch it?
michgirlfriend1: behind the scenes cuts.......well actually it came yestreday
DScull264: uhhuh...
michgirlfriend1: yeah, i was almost crying man, good stuff
michgirlfriend1: Art is so hot
michgirlfriend1: and no stupid antitrust cuts
DScull264: Smiles all around then...
DScull264: heh... cool.
DScull264: Very cool..
michgirlfriend1: its the same cuts as on everamericana, have you seen those????
DScull264: Nope.
michgirlfriend1: watch them, they are good, and he is so damn hot sexy cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DScull264: Eeeeee! Okokokok! Sheesh. I know, already.
michgirlfriend1: i know, but its been awhile since i've seen some new stuff with art
DScull264: True...
michgirlfriend1: and its really cute because stephanie was in wonderful and when it all goes wrong again
DScull264: Yup...
michgirlfriend1: and the way he loves her so much is just adorable
DScull264: All snuggly and warm and cute...
michgirlfriend1: yes, but in a very sexy way
michgirlfriend1: damn her!!!!!
DScull264: Can you imagine their christmas with Anna? Awww...
michgirlfriend1: so cute, unless jenny gets her....
DScull264: I'll bet the share at the holidays.
DScull264: Maybe Jenny'll get her for New Year's or something...
michgirlfriend1: yeah
michgirlfriend1: or, you know they are on good terms, maybe they have christmas together
DScull264: Awww... smiley...
DScull264: Opening presents... with a tree...
DScull264: This is too sickening cute!
michgirlfriend1: okay, nough with the sappy crap
DScull264: Right. Exactly.
michgirlfriend1: i'm trying to look up cheats for Gex, everything is in french
michgirlfriend1: damn that fucking language
DScull264: Gex?
michgirlfriend1: the video game
michgirlfriend1: you know, my fav gecko
DScull264: Ohhhh... I see. And it's all in French?
michgirlfriend1: yeah\
DScull264: Well, that sucks.
michgirlfriend1: i'm tring another sight, but lots of them are
michgirlfriend1: it haunts me
DScull264: What... like Bob Marley?
michgirlfriend1: exactly like him
michgirlfriend1: how was the car ride with anna and anya?
DScull264: Right... exactly. Oh, and Dick Wilkins/Peter Cratchett is a Junior in college so it's aok to check out his ass...
DScull264: The car ride was fun!
michgirlfriend1: was it?
michgirlfriend1: we had fun too, amrittas sister is really cool
DScull264: We got McFlurries on the way there and just... gossiped and chattered. On the way back we had a great discussion about religion. So fun. Anna's mum's really cool and so is Anna. And so is Anya, when she's not trying to show off.
DScull264: Yeah... Amrita's whole family is kinda awesome.
michgirlfriend1: yeah, anya is one of those people who could be really cool...and can be....but not all the time
DScull264: Right...
DScull264: Not too bad.
DScull264: Saturday I had to go to work with Ben and Justin, though. Ugh!
DScull264: Unhappiness...
michgirlfriend1: fun....
michgirlfriend1: what were you working???
DScull264: Right. We watched Moulin Rouge, though...
DScull264: Oh, just clenaing the auditorium and having our party.
michgirlfriend1: okay??? party with the three of you???
michgirlfriend1: where were you watching rouge?
DScull264: On the big screen that we can pull down. And it wasn't just us three. It was op[en to all of tech crew.
michgirlfriend1: gotcha you
DScull264: Yeah... kinda fun, but kind of annoying.
michgirlfriend1: that whole fun hate thing gonna on
DScull264: Riiii-iiight. And I swear to god Ben and Justin left for like forty minutes to go smoke or do drugs or something...
michgirlfriend1: justin???
DScull264: Yeah... those two are all like buddy-buddy now...
michgirlfriend1: that boy is stupid, he'd smoke the wrong end of the cigarette
DScull264: Fuck him.
michgirlfriend1: i don't even want to know
DScull264: Well, not literally...
DScull264: Because that'd be nasty.
michgirlfriend1: so after sasha this is the rebound
michgirlfriend1: ooh, scrapping the bottom
DScull264: And I think Ben felt bad for calling me a 'bitter dyke' after telling me I couldn't be a lesbian so he was making an attempt to be nice...
DScull264: Some attempt...
michgirlfriend1: for ben its really hard
DScull264: Yeah, I think Ben and Justin are making out behind everone else's backs.
michgirlfriend1: and when i say hard....
DScull264: You don't mean hard hard....
michgirlfriend1: i mean permently thinking with his penus
michgirlfriend1: or penis, whichever
DScull264: Right...
DScull264: insert size joke here...
michgirlfriend1: well, there has to be some to start with in order to make a joke
DScull264: oooohhhh....
DScull264: cruel.
DScull264: very good...
DScull264: but cruel.
michgirlfriend1: but probably true
DScull264: mmm.
michgirlfriend1: which rhymes with cruel
michgirlfriend1: so its all good
DScull264: sort of.
michgirlfriend1: okay, that mmm, sounds like you are fantasizing, add a hmmm.
michgirlfriend1: cause i don't think you are
DScull264: It was just an 'mmm' of agreement.
michgirlfriend1: better tehn
michgirlfriend1: then
michgirlfriend1: who need speeling
DScull264: Hit me if I ever fantasize about Ben or Justin.
michgirlfriend1: i will hit you hard
michgirlfriend1: but not in a sexual way
DScull264: Please, sir, may I have another!
DScull264: No... of course not...
michgirlfriend1: i'm glad i'm not the one with them in my dating history
DScull264: Blah. Seventh grade.
michgirlfriend1: you're right
michgirlfriend1: and everyone makes mistakes
DScull264: Eighth grade. I care not for their foolish ways.
michgirlfriend1: who dumped who?????
michgirlfriend1: just curious
DScull264: Ben dumped me... cause his mother made him.
DScull264: And... I just kind of ignored Justin until we left each other alone.
michgirlfriend1: another boy whipped by mommy
michgirlfriend1: god....
DScull264: Yup.
michgirlfriend1: I was listening to sheryl crow today...
DScull264: Really?
michgirlfriend1: and i found a line to love
DScull264: Never figured you for a Sheryl Crow type...
michgirlfriend1: i'm not the kind of girl you take home
DScull264: still... angry, grrrl rock....
michgirlfriend1: yeah, i like her when she's bitchy
michgirlfriend1: if it makes you happy, anything but down
michgirlfriend1: not much for the folk crap she's done, she went soft
DScull264: awww... poor Amy.
michgirlfriend1: all this new crap, why bother
DScull264: Doesn't like folk music...
michgirlfriend1: but the old stuff......same with alanis morsette
DScull264: Yeah.
michgirlfriend1: give me some you oughta know anytime
DScull264: Alanis was angry...
michgirlfriend1: i think you should know
DScull264: She worked a lot of it out though....
michgirlfriend1: alanis use to be great
michgirlfriend1: i know
DScull264: pity
michgirlfriend1: these people get rich and their issues just go away
michgirlfriend1: that's why i love art
michgirlfriend1: he's real, happy, but still pissed
DScull264: Yes. He continues to have issues. Bless him.
michgirlfriend1: its healthy to be pissed
michgirlfriend1: but see, he resloves his issues through his music
DScull264: Very. For the most part.
michgirlfriend1: other people hide their issues behind their money
DScull264: Indeed. But not completely... so he can make more music...
michgirlfriend1: well, he isn't fake enough to pretend to have solved all of his problems
michgirlfriend1: and that's very cool
DScull264: Indeed.
michgirlfriend1: now i have to listen to alanis
DScull264: Hehe...
michgirlfriend1: this is so gonna be one of our tepeeing songs
michgirlfriend1: we're making a collection of bitch songs...
DScull264: I think one of the good bitch songs is 'Now That It's Over'. Specifically for break-ups... but...
DScull264: And sung by Art.... but...
michgirlfriend1: except for the fact that art is singing about a bitch...
DScull264: yes...
DScull264: pretend...
michgirlfriend1: they'd never let me get away with sliding that in
michgirlfriend1: they all know my obssession to well
DScull264: ah well...
DScull264: gotta try
michgirlfriend1: i will, believe me
DScull264: I do.
michgirlfriend1: i think loser makes good would be great too
DScull264: yeah... the angry ones.
michgirlfriend1: in fact a lot of ec songs have that nice angry tone that i love som much
michgirlfriend1: unfortunely not everyone feels it
DScull264: Bah humbug to them...
michgirlfriend1: i'd type a sad face here, but i don't know how
michgirlfriend1: nah.....fuck them
DScull264: :-(
michgirlfriend1: nice
DScull264: Sad...
michgirlfriend1: what's sad?
DScull264: for the physics laser show, I got him to play about half of Sunflowers....
DScull264: I was pretty happy...
DScull264: 'cept that it was only half...
michgirlfriend1: that's really cool
michgirlfriend1: i really wanted to see some ec
DScull264: Yeah... everyone was like "Who is this?" I was like "It's EVERCLEAR!"
michgirlfriend1: but rachel and amritta and emily and lareasa threatened to kill me
michgirlfriend1: or break my cd
michgirlfriend1: it was so painful...
DScull264: The lasers were nothing special... very scribble-y. But then, I think that fits art's personality well...
michgirlfriend1: much so
DScull264: Mmm... so I was happy, while everyone else was bored. But fuck them all!
michgirlfriend1: exactly
michgirlfriend1: there was some rap song in my class
michgirlfriend1: started out with like fuck this fuck that, it went off real quick
michgirlfriend1: everyone booed, i cheered
DScull264: I heard that Sarah Kean's Rammstein song got booed down really quick...
michgirlfriend1: i wasn't in that group
michgirlfriend1: we spilt into two groups
michgirlfriend1: the block is to big to fit in at once
DScull264: Oh... too bad. We listened to some Rammstein in Poetry Writing. They're... odd...
DScull264: Yeah, I'd believe it.
michgirlfriend1: i don't care for it much
DScull264: The block, or Rammstein?
michgirlfriend1: the lyrics are stupid and strumming your guitars as loud as you possibly can does not take much talent
DScull264: You can understand Rammstein's lyrics?
DScull264: They're in German...
michgirlfriend1: i've seen them written out
DScull264: Oh...
DScull264: I seen...
DScull264: Eh... I thought they were... weird but ok. One song was apparently about gay incest...
michgirlfriend1: that's fucked up
DScull264: A bit, yes indeedy.
michgirlfriend1: one song begins like, lets go out to the schoolyard..and shoot it up
DScull264: mmmhmmm...
michgirlfriend1: i don't believe music can cause people do stuff
michgirlfriend1: and if you want to say that fine
michgirlfriend1: its your right
michgirlfriend1: but i just don't see the reason to say that
michgirlfriend1: its stupid
DScull264: I don't see anything morally wrong with it. And I don't see anything artistically wrong with it. Frankly I don't care either way. If people want to like it, they can.
michgirlfriend1: well that's my point
michgirlfriend1: i think its your ight but i hate it
DScull264: Ok then...
DScull264: Don't listen to it.
michgirlfriend1: you aren't making a great statement, except fo i'm fuvked up
michgirlfriend1: i think its trying to hard
michgirlfriend1: and i don't listen to it
DScull264: So? There are a great many things in this world trying very hard to make that statement.
michgirlfriend1: yeah, this is just my opinoun on the band
DScull264: Uh-huh...
DScull264: I be back right quick...
michgirlfriend1: kay
DScull264: Sorry... bathroom break...
DScull264: So... like... you feel very passionately about music. And I, on the whole, don't give a damn.
DScull264: And that's where we kinda disagree.
michgirlfriend1: whjat???
michgirlfriend1: i'm confused....
DScull264: Well... I mean, I like stuff
michgirlfriend1: are you being sarcastic or what?
DScull264: No, not really...
michgirlfriend1: do you or do you not like music?
DScull264: But when it comes to disliking stuff... you dislike it all the way. You hate it, pretty much.
DScull264: And most of the time, it's just background noise to me.
michgirlfriend1: yeah, i'm pretty m,uch an extremist
DScull264: And the only band I really love is Everclear.
michgirlfriend1: music is background music to you?
michgirlfriend1: okay, i get it.
DScull264: Stuff that I don't outright love to death is just white noise.
michgirlfriend1: i just can't like function without music
DScull264: And I don't pay too much attention to it.
michgirlfriend1: its very important to me
michgirlfriend1: but that's cool. cause we all have our loves
DScull264: Neither can I. I love my noise. It just doesn't matter what noise it is.
DScull264: And if I don't have noise, I can sing to myself...
michgirlfriend1: for me art is very pretty, but i don't really get into it
michgirlfriend1: i don't have much of sn opinoun on it
DScull264: Right... I doubt you'd care if you didn't have an artbox and a notebook.
michgirlfriend1: whereas you do
DScull264: And I doubt you'd notice how the light fell...
michgirlfriend1: i don't think i even have an artbox
DScull264: Matter of opinion and taste...
DScull264: There you go.
DScull264: No artbox. That's ok.
michgirlfriend1: sometimes i notice light, when i'm thinking bout photography
michgirlfriend1: that's cool
michgirlfriend1: Our differneces are what make us special
DScull264: Yeah, but you don't have to think about what pencils to use. And I don't care too much about photography. It's more logical than I like.
michgirlfriend1: Insert corny line here
DScull264: Eww... getting all sappy...
michgirlfriend1: not as much as you would think
michgirlfriend1: i don't care for it to much
michgirlfriend1: i'd rather write
DScull264: No, I gathered that...
michgirlfriend1: i wish i could sing
DScull264: So... you still gonna be a journalist?
michgirlfriend1: i was born to be a rock star, that would make me happiest
DScull264: Singing's ok. It's very precise...
michgirlfriend1: but i think we all know i can't
michgirlfriend1: yeah, i'll probably be a music journalist
DScull264: I'd kinda doubt it.
DScull264: If you become a music journalist, that'd be neato.
michgirlfriend1: that's wha i plan on doing
DScull264: Cool.
DScull264: Given any further thought to college?
michgirlfriend1: it would give me a good balance between my talents and the talents i wish io had
michgirlfriend1: i was researching colleges in California
DScull264: Well... development of talent and whatnot.
DScull264: Ah... Calif.
michgirlfriend1: which is where i would really like to go
DScull264: Yeah. Nice place. Far away.
michgirlfriend1: but its hard to find out if they have good programs living in ohio
DScull264: Yeah.
michgirlfriend1: its not like i can just visit and find ut
DScull264: Yeah...
michgirlfriend1: a lot of places offer journalism but have sucky programs
DScull264: We're kinda thinking about Carnegie...
DScull264: And we can visit there...
michgirlfriend1: i don't know ho to distinguish, all i know is ohio programs, which is the dilemna of my life
DScull264: and it's a good school. And my dad worked there. I went to daycare there.
michgirlfriend1: in Pittsburgh???
DScull264: Yeah.
DScull264: That's the problem...
michgirlfriend1: i thought you wanted to go to savannah
DScull264: Where mummy lives...
DScull264: I do...
michgirlfriend1: yeah
DScull264: Expensive tuition down south...
michgirlfriend1: maybe you could just tell her you're in savannah
DScull264: expensive to move.
DScull264: Hah.
michgirlfriend1: yeah
michgirlfriend1: i'll be slumming and working my ass off i'm sure, but it'll be woth it
DScull264: Actually, she could either be an ally or an enemy.
michgirlfriend1: depends
DScull264: Buyer of art supplies and giver of guilt.
michgirlfriend1: but she'd probaby end up being both
DScull264: Very much so, yes.
DScull264: I wonder... but, then... perhaps not.
michgirlfriend1: wonder what......perhaphs not what
DScull264: I might also go to Miami of Ohio, if dad gets a job there and I get free tuition. Go there for a few years and fulfill some liberal arts requirements and then go to Savannah as a grad student. Or something.
michgirlfriend1: that'd work
DScull264: Yeah.
DScull264: Maybe.
michgirlfriend1: good side to have prof parent
michgirlfriend1: unless you're lauren, who does not get any choice at all
DScull264: Anna's mom was telling me she had friends that went to that college and she ask them what their tips were for getting in and stuff...
DScull264: Poor Lauren. My dad's all like "No Kent State. You're better than Kent State."
michgirlfriend1: but then, she doesn't know what she wants to do, so it really doesn't matter where she goes
michgirlfriend1: i wish my parents would notice that
DScull264: True. She has no idea what she wants?
michgirlfriend1: my moms finally given in to me leaving
DScull264: You wish your parents would notice what?
michgirlfriend1: but shes thinking athens, im thinking cali
michgirlfriend1: that KSU sucks
DScull264: Well, yeah. Their drama programs pretty ok...
DScull264: But not too well know.
DScull264: *known
michgirlfriend1: but there whole lives have been about settling, and that's why they don't get me
michgirlfriend1: the one good point
DScull264: Hmmm... I think you should move.
michgirlfriend1: but you're not going into drama
DScull264: I think you need to experience another place.
michgirlfriend1: i'm moving, believe me you
DScull264: Yes, it does me absolutely not good...
michgirlfriend1: i'm gettiong disowned, but at least i will have done something
DScull264: Yes... I think.
michgirlfriend1: instead of rotting into another middleaged could've been
DScull264: Mmm...
DScull264: Good luck to you/
michgirlfriend1: what do you think???

michgirlfriend1: same to you
michgirlfriend1: when you are a renouned editorial cartoonist you can through it into the colonels faces
DScull264: What do I think? I don't know... I don't know what's going to happen because we're going to have to grow up. And I know I want to make a living through something that gives about as much job security as a waiter. And that's all well and good when you're in high school, but...
michgirlfriend1: yeah, its tough to think about
DScull264: I'd love to be able to. "Fuck you, Colonel beasts! Excluding Amy and all the nice ones..."
DScull264: It's very tough...
michgirlfriend1: but its something to come to terms with
DScull264: Yes.
michgirlfriend1: i've been thinking about it for a long time now
DScull264: Yes...
michgirlfriend1: i feel bad for Lindsey Wargo, it's hitting her in the face now and she's really offbalance
DScull264: It's hitting a lot of people suddenly.
DScull264: So startling.
michgirlfriend1: yeah
michgirlfriend1: i feel bad for them to
michgirlfriend1: the one slight advantage of having to live with it for ahile....
DScull264: Very bad. They will become the middle-aged could-have-beens
DScull264: but-are-nots
michgirlfriend1: exactly
michgirlfriend1: for me, that would be a fate worst then death
michgirlfriend1: i'd rather fail then never have even treid
michgirlfriend1: tried
DScull264: Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not sure how I'd feel.
DScull264: I'd hate to be unhappy, though.
DScull264: I think.
michgirlfriend1: i think it'd be worse when you are to old to try and unhappy
michgirlfriend1: i've watched it happen, and i hate the thought of ever being like that
DScull264: I don't like to think about getting old.
michgirlfriend1: unfortunely it happens
DScull264: Yes. It does.
DScull264: How horribly depressing.
michgirlfriend1: what a depressing conversation
DScull264: Yes...
michgirlfriend1: i never got to use that whole ignorance is bliss thing
DScull264: Who has to visit the shrink tomorrow? *raises hand*
DScull264: Huh? Ignorance?
michgirlfriend1: on christmas eve?
DScull264: Yes... oddly enough
DScull264: I thought it was weird too.
michgirlfriend1: i didn't even know they stayed open
DScull264: Huh. Live and learn.
DScull264: Are you going to Jess's thingy?
michgirlfriend1: yeah you?
DScull264: Yeah... can I get a ride with you?
michgirlfriend1: i don't know what to get her, steve doesn't know either
michgirlfriend1: sure
DScull264: I got her a good present! I think. I hope...
michgirlfriend1: i might be a b\it late though
michgirlfriend1: my eye appointment is at five
michgirlfriend1: so i'll have to finish that first
DScull264: Oh... what time does it start?
michgirlfriend1: six
DScull264: Ah...
michgirlfriend1: what'd ya get her?
DScull264: I got her one of those posters that has an entire Shakespeare play on it. Hamlet.
michgirlfriend1: i think i'm going to go now, i'm kinda hungry, and i wanna eat
michgirlfriend1: that's good, sorta house decoration with a meaning
DScull264: That's cool. I never got to draw anything...
michgirlfriend1: i was thinking that, maybe something veggie tales......
DScull264: You should! That'd be cute...
michgirlfriend1: for the future kids ya know....but decided against it
DScull264: Oh... ok...
michgirlfriend1: do you think i should????
DScull264: Throw pillows!
michgirlfriend1: oh, that'd rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DScull264: I don't know... get her what you want to....
michgirlfriend1: where could i get those????
DScull264: Target?
michgirlfriend1: worth a try................
michgirlfriend1: i'm going shopping tomorrow for something
DScull264: Yeah... hey, and if you don't feel like getting me Harry Potter...
michgirlfriend1: i know i'm an idiot, but hey
michgirlfriend1: what do you want?
DScull264: You could always get me some Lord of the Rings stuff with pretty pictures of Elijah Wood...
michgirlfriend1: Costa gave me a harry potter ornamment with some candy
DScull264: Really?
michgirlfriend1: ya want it???
michgirlfriend1: yep
DScull264: Yeah, sure...
michgirlfriend1: Anya got one too, jeff got a jeep
michgirlfriend1: that's so random, but whatever costa
DScull264: heh... Anya... Harry Potter...
michgirlfriend1: mine has a place where the lihgt goes in the pot so it lkights up
DScull264: Weirdness.
michgirlfriend1: lights
michgirlfriend1: yeah, anyas is neater, it has a hologram
michgirlfriend1: well, i really am gonna go
DScull264: I saw these gorgeous magazines today... lots of nice LotR pictures...'
DScull264: Yeah, ok, ok...
michgirlfriend1: i have this problem with being able to stop talking
michgirlfriend1: bye now
DScull264: Byebye...
michgirlfriend1: cya
DScull264: Talk later...
michgirlfriend1: damn it, you're feeding the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michgirlfriend1: GOODBYE
DScull264: Sorry!
michgirlfriend1: augh!!!!!
michgirlfriend1: i'm so not good at saying goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!
DScull264: Just leave...
DScull264: sigh...
DScull264: Go eat stuff...

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