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23 December 2001 @ 09:58 pm
And IM with my father... even though we're in the same house...  
I talked to Zero today too, but we did a sort of one sided voice chat thing (she doesn't have a mic) and it doesn't make a ton of sense... and I lost it anyway...

DScull264: You are in my house!
Chip11: Yeah, scary, huh?
DScull264: very.
Chip11: And of course our messages go to each other via Virginia!
DScull264: Really?
Chip11: Yeah, that's where AOL's main computers are.
Chip11: Which is funny, since they pass each other so close.
DScull264: Wow...
DScull264: weirdness...
Chip11: Indeed. Still pretty fast, though.
DScull264: Yup...
DScull264: Ahhh! Your Daffy moves!
Chip11: Yeah, I liked it
DScull264: Interesting. Like mine?
Chip11: I"m on AOL, so I don't see it. I was checking email, but I am moving to AIM, so I should get it there.
DScull264: Oooohhhh. Ok...
DScull264: It's just Frodo...
DScull264: It used to be Everclear.
Chip11: Uh oh, it's not here. I bet I have to upgrade this copy.
Chip11: No, I'm wrong... here it is.
DScull264: Uhhuh...
Chip11: Yeah, he does look familiar.
DScull264: Hee! And now you're a shark...
Chip11: I am???
DScull264: You aren't very shark-like in real life, y'know.
DScull264: Um... yeeeessss....
Chip11: No? How disappointing.
DScull264: Well, sharks aren't generally bearded
Chip11: Perhaps some species...
DScull264: The Great Bearded White?
Chip11: The Great Bearded Shark of New Zealand
DScull264: The Bearded Tiger Shark!
DScull264: And this is silly...
Chip11: Yeah?
DScull264: Well...
DScull264: it just is...
Chip11: And what's wrong with that?
DScull264: Um... I don't know. Except that I was going to do stuff and I can't if I'm typing to you.
Chip11: OK.... talk to you later?
DScull264: Sure... we do live in the smae house and all...
DScull264: *same
Chip11: That does make it easier.
Chip11: See you soon!
DScull264: Yeah...
DScull264: Byebye
Chip11: Bye
DScull264: Sooner than you know.... bwahahaha....
Chip11: Uh oh....
DScull264: Yeah... you better 'uh-oh'
Chip11: I know
DScull264: No rhyming.
Chip11: Bad timing?
DScull264: No miming!
DScull264: Would you like a seseme bun?
Chip11: ???????????
DScull264: Ok, I can rhyme that...
DScull264: *can't
Chip11: Sounds like fun?
DScull264: Weighs more than a ton!
Chip11: I'd better run....
DScull264: But it's been fun.
DScull264: Ok?
DScull264: Enough?
Chip11: OK!
DScull264: By mutual agreement?
Chip11: Agreed
DScull264: Enough Princess Bride?
DScull264: Good...
DScull264: Talk to you later...
Chip11: Yup
Current Mood: gigglygiggly
Current Music: Disney - Mulan - I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Bunnymr_memania on December 26th, 2001 10:10 am (UTC)
No more Rhymes! I mean it!
Anybody wanna Peanut???
DrWormdrworm on December 26th, 2001 04:58 pm (UTC)
"I don't think that word means what you think it means..."