I still aten't dead.

Ahhh, I know, I don't come on livejournal anymore like... ever. This is because of me being hardcore into my schooling, i.e. last semester I had to write a ton of research papers. But it's good because I got all As except for my research assistant thing, where I got an A minus. That's okay, though, and I am basically pretty happy because my classes were all pretty difficult, so getting all As is a good achievement.

And when I'm not doing school stuff or English Club/Writers' Bloc stuff, I am working at the bookstore. Often I am working during the busy times, which is when the semester begins or ends. I just finished four days straight of stocking textbooks for 8 hours a day, so clearly it is a fun and glamorous job. Textbooks are frequently very heavy. Besides lugging the damn things around, I also put used stickers on them. If you go to KSU and buy a textbook at the bookstore on campus, I have probably touched your book. You have my germs now, haha. (Note: I do not have any serious germs and this should not dissuade you from purchasing textbooks there.)

Anyway. So my big awesome news was found out weeks ago but I didn't post it due to business. It is that I get to play Judas in our Medieval Drama play! I'm sorry, but this is kind of a big deal. You see, we have to perform it in Toronto as part of a large conference in which the entire Chester cycle is staged. There should be more info on the web eventually, but for now there is mostly this, which does have pictures of us but little else. But anyway, I pretty much wanted nothing more than to be Judas, so I'm happy but also freaking out a little. I'm pretty much the only non-theater major with a major role. Also I have to build a bunch of set-pieces and I'm just nervous about it in general.

My other big news is that my Medieval Drama professor gave me money to do a drawing for him of a stage reconstruction from the early 16th century. He used my drawing in his presentation a few days ago, and a more polished version may end up in his book?! I don't know, but it's exciting! Exclamation points! It's like I'm a competent artist or something!

Next semester my classes are: Literature in English 1 (haha, required), Sculpture 2, Medieval Drama, a special topics course on literature in the 1960s (!!!), and Intro to LGBT Studies. We shall see whether I wind up needing to drop something.

Happy New Year!

I aten't dead.

But just barely. You know how everything invariably comes together all at one time, rather than spreading itself out into convenient bite-sized chunks? Yeah.

kleenexwoman and I went and saw Crispin Glover's new-ish movie, It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine!, on Saturday at Oberlin. She came and picked me up, because I don't really trust my car over long distances and also it's not very pleasant to ride in because it leaks when it rains. We saw an attractive blond daddy with glasses at the rest stop on our way up. (That's not important at all, he was just cute.)

So Crispin's thing was playing at Oberlin College, which is a private school that is both snooty and incredibly liberal. (No offense meant to Oberlin, as what I saw of it was very nice, but I go to Kent State and so it was a bit of a culture shock.) What we saw of it was basically white liberal guilt personified, made flesh, bone, and science building, and it was sort of amazing. I was so impressed that I snagged a couple of copies of the student paper because it was hilarious (and gave one copy to hortonhearsawho because, in her words, they are "her people!")--and, of course, when talking about Crispin's event, it called him crazy. College kids are huge snots, basically. There was some kid who wrote about how he wanted to ask Crispin what the hell "Clowny Clown Clown" was, and I swear he sat next to me because I heard him talking about how he was totally going to ask (except he didn't, because he left after the slideshow).

Collapse )

So then we were driving home. We stopped at a rest stop for some food, like after midnight, dawdled some, came out, and were just getting in the car when I spied a kitty walking by. I went up to it and he was talking to me but being standoffish at first, then after a minute he let me pet him some, pick him up, and take him into the vestibule inside. He and I sat together while Rachel went and asked the lady in Burger King whether she knew anything, but apparently it was a popular area to dump cats. :( I didn't know what else to do, so I had Rachel get a blanket and we wrapped him up and I got into the backseat with him and drove home. He's been in my room since then, except for when we brought him out for his excursion to the vet yesterday evening. We're calling him Jules because, like Crispin's character in Fast Sofa, he was found outside a rest stop/fast food place. Rachel has another picture up in her entry, which you should also read because it's a good account of the evening.

Still trying to work out what to do with Jules. I have four cats already, you see, so if you would like a very friendly kitty, I'm sure we can work something out...

P.S. Thanks to anyone who has already said they would take him in if only they could. I wish you could! But I know when things are not possible. And thanks to those who have been campaigning to try to find him a permanent home. :)
don't ask don't tell


So much hate for how people are treating Caster Semenya. How nice to see that it's something that keeps cropping up. Obviously the problem isn't with the athletes, it's with society's dumb gender binary bullshit.

People are assholes. Gender and body bullshit is making me angrier than usual.

Sometimes it bothers me that people have such ridiculous opinions on things or get all surprised about things that absolutely happen just because they've never had to experience them. You lucky little shits, get the fuck off of my back.

The sad thing is that I'm thinking this about people who are basically my friends. :(

People are such good for nothing, worthless fuckers.

EDIT: In case you have maybe misread me over the years, somehow, I will not tolerate disrespectful treatment of anyone for being transgendered or intersexed in my journal. If you must be disrespectful, you can go do it in one of the millions of places where assholes will agree with you.
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Updated with stuff

Not a lot of stuff, mind you, but some limited stuff. Which, given my current time constraints, is not a bad deal.

First off, I reposted my old Re-Animator essay here, with some minor edits. I hadn't realized that it had been nearly five years since I first posted that. God, that's insane.

And this is from a few weeks ago, but it's a corny Pendergast/D'Agosta sketch that I just didn't remember to post. I think I didn't post it, anyway.

Otherwise I survived the first week of school, but barely. At least the days of working until nine in the evening are all done with. Now it's going to be all about reading, writing, and doing fun stuff like transcribing video and using the microform readers, etc., etc. I keep telling myself I can do it, but holy god, it's a lot of work. I'm just hoping to stay organized and on top of things, for once in my life.
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When life gives you academics, uh...

Oh my god, Venture Bros. Season 4 preview. Orgasmmmssssss, I am seriously not even joking. I am very very excited. Orgasmically excited. I love Venture Bros., I'm constantly being reminded of what an awesome show it is, and this just makes me happier than anything has in a while. Which is a little bit pathetic, maybe, but do I care? Sometimes you want to be happy and excited for the sake of being happy and excited. I mean, sure, I can be excited about the classes I have this semester too, but that comes with the condition of having to do a huge amount of work.

Oh god, so much work. And the first week of classes is going to be insane because when I don't have class I'm... working! In the bookstore! Freshmen started moving in on Thursday, so as you can very well imagine it was a madhouse and a ten hour work day for me. Not as bad as Crown Shoes, however. Never that bad. But pretty bad. Oh boy, standing at a cash register for hours on end! There are far worse jobs, though, and worse people to work with. Also, I keep going to work and buying posters of James Dean because they're cheap and I am weak.

Went and saw Inglourious Basterds last week with hortonhearsawho. It was awesome and funny and I pretty much loved it. Yeah, all the dialogue does get tedious at times, but then you have scenes that just punch you in the face and start running. I kind of like the dynamic tension between the slower scenes and the faster, more action-filled ones.

Everything else has been centered on school starting and getting ready for classes (lol I bought over 30 books for this semester :D:) and the writing club we're trying to get started this year. It's not boring at all, but that doesn't come across in writing. Oh well, here are the classes I'm taking:

Dada and Surrealism (Art History)
The American Hero (an English class about superheroes and the hero's journey)
Seminar: 20th Century Southern Writers
Colloquium: Medieval Drama (a year long class focused on producing and performing several plays from The Chester Cycle for a Medieval drama festival in Canada)

And then here's my independent study/undergrad research assistantship thing that I'm doing on Victorian medicine. So, life is basically full up, I guess.

Just a hodgepodge of life stuff.

Well, I got an A in my literature class. Good, dammit. Then I had to decide whether to sign up for a seminar on modernism or one on 20th century Southern writers. I wound up choosing the Southern writers, although it's early in the morning while modernism is in the afternoon. It'll be a lot of reading and writing, which makes me nervous given that I already have a full schedule which I'm a little unsure about, particularly the undergrad research assistantship I signed up for. I'm not sure yet how much work that's going to entail. I've also got a temporary job in the student bookstore and had my first day on Wednesday. That probably won't go beyond the first week of classes... I think. As long as they need the extra help, I guess. It'll be a little bit of extra money, anyway. :/ Which is good for oh so many reasons, most of them depressing and car-related.

Also I bought t-shirts, which I probably shouldn't have although I can always use more options for clothing myself. And I went to the doctor, got blood drawn to find out whether I might be anemic (apparently I'm not), and found out that I didn't really lose all that much weight even though my pants are much baggier now.

Lately I've also gotten more and more interested in learning how to knit and/or crochet. Or relearn how to crochet, at any rate, and learn how to do more than make scarves. I don't know. I'm ambivalent about it, because I've been browsing etsy and so many of the crafty-type things people make are just bad. But some are cool. I'd like to learn how to do cool things, but then I'm not sure what things I'd like to make. Exactly. I don't know. I like stuffed creatures like this, but that seems a bit advanced (although if anyone ever wanted to buy me one of those, I would have to love you forever). I have some limited hand-sewing skills (thank you, grandmother). This is a nice pillow. I don't know, I guess I'd like to learn/relearn some sewing machine skills and all of that, but I'm not sure where to start. Also tiny sculpture skills. Maybe I should just buy some sculpy.

Anyway, if anyone has any links to good references for this sort of thing or any good tips, I'd appreciate them.

One class down, one to go for this summer...

I got like two hours of sleep last Wednesday night because I stayed up till forever trying to finish the work for my English class, which was one major essay and four mini ones. Then I had to go in in the morning to complete the in-class portion of my final. One class down! I'm in an intro to anthropology class now, which will fulfill a liberal ed. requirement. I'm hoping/assuming it will be easier. I concluded that my literature class was, like, senior-level expectations for a sophomore level class. I had a job interview at the bookstore Wednesday and the guy asked me my major, then asked me if I ever had this particular professor. I said yeah, I had him at the moment, and he said, "Oh yeah... I've heard he's tough." He was tough. I'm hoping for an A or a B though.

Then I watched the second season of Venture Bros. with commentary on, which is making me want to get people together and make low-budget movies. My dad gave me a point and click digital camera! We could totally do this!

I'm so bored by life at the moment. It's a bit stupid. I keep fantasizing about going places and doing something, when really mostly what I've done is write essays and go and see Public Enemies (which was a wonderful, hilarious movie for how terribly it was put together; also, Billy Crudup played Hoover as totally gay, and that was awesome). And tonight I finally saw Half-Blood Prince, so go me. I'm mad because Draco was actually attractive/interesting in this one, and I've never really found him interesting or attractive before. This is grossly unfair. Also, I need more Remus. As always.

But overall I liked it.

So the celebrities are dropping like flies...

Ugh, I keep meaning to start an lj post and then just drifting off to something else. Oops?

I have a summer class--Lit in English II--at the moment. It's one I'm retaking, due to previous fail, and oh my god this professor. He's an older gentleman, for one, and so he seems to be more New Criticism oriented (New Criticism is the boring way to read things), which kind of sucks. We've spent a lot of time on philosophy stuff, because he tends to go on and on and on talking about stuff that I'm fairly certain could easily be summed up in 15 to 30 minutes. Arrgh, I don't need a ton of examples, just tell me the basics. I'm really appreciating the woman I had the first time I tried to take the course, since she was concise and generally interesting, even if I did have to hear a lot about Wordsworth maybe banging his sister. Dammit, I wish I could've gotten this done the first time around.

Then I'm sort of depressed at the moment just because I'm doing so little beyond that class. I've had so little energy, and that sucks a lot and drives me up the wall. Plus I've half-heartedly tried getting in touch with people, but the problem is that neither I nor any of my friends are good at coming up with things to do, so we tend to just waffle around for ages and not get shit done and then eventually give up and see a movie. :( I am not good at being social. Also, there's not much to do here.

Oh, and I got a new car! Collapse ) The brakes are already failing! It doesn't even have a real license plate, yet! How lucky am I? :( lol $2500 used car.
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Finished Cemetery Dance...

Actually, I finished Cemetery Dance like a week or two ago. But things have been all over the place, so I'm only now blathering about it.

My basic reaction is torn between :DDDD and DDDD: or >:( because... Smithback, nooooo. Also, the whole damn plot makes very little sense and is the definition of needlessly complicated. But I was hoping for Pendergast and D'Agosta being detective bffs, and so they were. So I'll do what I usually do with these books, and ignore the bits I don't like. In fact, the Pendergast/D'Agosta exceeded my expectations, so I was super-pleased. It was like a special birthday present! (My birthday was on May 18th. I forgot to post this year. I was all out of sorts and not feeling well.)

Gotta love Pendergast reading Mademoiselle in the waiting room and being creepy about it. Oh, Aloysius.

Anyway, I stuck edited versions of all my Pendergast one-shot fic up on Dreamwidth.

In less happy news for me, my car abruptly started making a very worrying noise and not really wanting to go above 35 mph. Not a good sign. So that, plus a day of forgetting my medication and a stressful doctor's appointment triggered a really bad depressive episode. I've been grumping around the house, basically, rereading The Cabinet of Curiosities and hanging out with my cats, who are always delighted when I spend all day in bed. I, however, am less delighted. :/

[ETA: Okay, yeah, I'm a huge nerd, but you know who I have mentally cast as O'Shaughnessy in CoC? Tim Omundson aka LASSITER. Destined to play an Irish cop forever, if I were to get my way.]

Hey, check this shit ouuu-uuuu-uuut!

This is my big painting picture post. Keep in mind that all of these look so much better in real life.

Collapse )

This would be my final, which was done from a collage of my own photographs. It's 40"x40", which is pretty sizable. You can see that the top right and center right are less finished, and that's because I did work on this for 5 to 6 hours before our final critique and... some stuff just didn't get done as much as I would have liked. Maybe someday.